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    Straight Female / 50

    I became a woman when I was very young. At the time I was all grown up. The man that made me a woman worked in the neighborhood and caught me on the way home from school. He was my man and everyone in the neighborhood new it, it was all out in the open.

    My mother never cared one way or the other, she was a woman when she was that age. What made me different from my mother is that I never got pregnant at that age. I didn't get pregnant because I had a friend at school who had gotten pregnant and had an abortion and she was put on the pill at this clinic that helped girls and she got them to give me the pill too. So when he called me over I went to him and knowing I couldn't get pregnant I was ready to become his woman.

    We all liked sex I guess most everyone did too but we didn't really talk about it. We talked about taking care of our man. To me my man was a real man, I got spanked a couple of times for not doing things he asked. When your young and your man spanks you on the street everyone knows that you did something wrong and you are being corrected. I laughed when I got spanked so I got yelled at too. It only happened twice and then I never had to get spanked again.

    I went to live with my man when I was seventeen. He had this other woman but she did drugs so he had gotten rid of her and when I became his woman he told me that I couldn't do drugs so I never did drugs. I went to live with him when he set up his own shop and my mother loaned him money. Once you are living with your man you have kids so I had kids. That is just the way it was then. I was lucky that my man wanted me. He had a bad experience with his first woman and some men just used their women. My man wanted me.

    I turned fifty and my kids arranged for us to get married. We got married on a Sunday in the church with a priest. We got married because our children wanted it, we have been together for a long time, we are common law because we own a house and a business together and he calls me his wife and I call him my husband. But our kids are people now and they wanted us to get married. When I grew up we lived in a neighborhood where only the old women and a few old men went to the church. The priest made us do communion, but that was about it. The people of the church didn't want us there and most of the time the old women went to the Saturday night mass which was in Spanish for all the maids. Sunday was really for the people, if you went on Sunday you had to sit in the back and left early before the people left the church. Our kids are people now and they go on Sundays.

    My name is Irma and my husbands name is Jose. We live in California and we own and run the same truck repair shop my mother loaned my man money to start on his own. We also have a fleet of trucks and our son runs the business and our daughters married professional men they met in college. My mother lives with us which is only fair. Our neighborhood is different now, my mother's old house was torn down and my daughter and her husband built a modern house on the lot. The old shop was sold a long time ago and we bought a larger lot for the trucks and built a shop close to the freeway.

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    I call bullshit
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    I am a little confused, so are is he your man ? You only mentioned that 79 times so I wasnât sure ,
    Also this whole story is a boring pile of untrue cow dung.

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