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    Straight Male / 44

    This story is 100% true.

    I am a Manager for an Engineering company in the SE. After a company reorganization I had a worker pushed on me from another department, she had zero training in our field, so I was expected to train her and make her a productive employee for my area.

    She was a late 40's rather plain looking married woman. Tall, fairly thin, with brunette greying hair. Her body was slender with wide hips, decent sized boobs which she later confessed to me were fake after she had been teased for many years of being flat. I never really cared for fake boobs, but they looked nice on her.

    We spent a lot of time together getting her started in our area, alone both in my office and hers. We started getting along as we were forced to be around each other a lot, found that we had a lot in common.

    One day we were sitting alone in her office with the door closed because the outside area was noisy, and our legs brushed together. Neither one of us appeared too eager to take it away, we ended up kissing passionately in her office. She had on a skirt and my hands started wandering over her body and found my way up her pantyhose to her damp wet pussy.

    We groped for about 20 minutes and decided we better stop, we couldn't really fuck right there in the office, although we both wanted to.

    Her husband was kind of a nerd. A decent little mousey guy who seemed more interested in geek stuff than sexing her and making her feel good, so her sexual experience was extremely limited. She told me she felt like life was passing her by without her getting to experience all she wanted in sex.

    Things stayed hot for awhile until one day she told me her hubby was going out of town and asked if I would come over. We played it safe and she picked me up in her car at a nearby shopping area and I ducked down while she pulled into the garage. She had called hubby at his out of town location to make sure it was safe, so we knew we had the run of the house to ourselves.

    She stripped down quickly to some sexy bra and panties she said she never got to wear because her husband was just "never interested in that sort of thing". I took the hint and we were all over each other immediately. I like lots of foreplay and taking my time, and she loved it and said she'd never been kissed and touched like that before.

    Soon I had all her clothes off and was sucking her big fake tits, she was going nuts and her pussy was dripping wet. I made my way down to her pussy and started gently sucking her clit and licking her, she started moaning and grinding my face into her pussy. She got more and more worked up, till she started screaming and bucking her hips, then she slammed her legs together in a vise grip and locked my head into place.

    I couldn't hear anything because her legs were locked around my ears but I could feel her pussy throbbing and squirting some and her hips grinding her clit into my mouth.

    She'd just had her first orgasm. Ever. I believed her.

    She collapsed on the bed, it had taken all she had out of her and she snuggled up close to me. After a few minutes she started rubbing my cock and pulled me on top of her. After seeing her so worked up I was ready to go, I pumped her hard and fast for about 15 minutes until I couldn't take seeing those big fat fake tits jiggle around and exploded full into her pussy. It was leaking out the sides before I could even pull out, I came so hard my balls hurt.

    I never could make her cum from fucking her, but I always licked her and made her cum every chance we got. She loved it. I'd see her later and put my hands over my ears, that was our private joke about how she would lock her legs around my head when she would cum, lol.

    We continued on for about a year, the deal breaker was when she started bragging to her friends (her exact words) "now I know what all the fuss about sex is about", lol.

    I was afraid her loose lips and not being able to be discreet were going to get us discovered, so I ended it.

    I was glad I helped her feel good and we had our time together.

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    I was in the same situation several years ago. She was older and a widow. Her sexual prowess would match ANY twenty something. She could cum a dozen times..bang-bang-bang! The downside was the fact she was jealous monster!!! Any woman that looked in my direction, obviously she wanted me to fuck her, so this woman imagined. The sex was incredible but I couldn't put up with her jealousy and I broke up with her.
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    Yeah its a shame when a person cant be discreet.

    It was flattering that she wanted to tell all her friends about how great it was, but it jepordized things not just for me, but for her as well.

    Work affairs never seem to turn out well...
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    Fucking liar......
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    'Fraid not dude. It happened, just like I typed it.

    Her husband worked for our same company, thats where they met. He was an engineer, she was a clerical person in their department. Things got tough for the company and they didnt want to lay her off so they transferred her over to my department.

    With him working in the same company we were able to keep it quiet for a long time, but when she started talking about it to her friends, I got concerned.

    I dont give a shit whether you believe it or not, it wont change that it happened.
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    100% true == instant 100% fake as fuck.
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    then you woke up...
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    Jealousy is a bitch aint it...

    Wake up: no I never slept with her, usually it was at her house while her hubby was gone during the day. But there was one time at our warehouse...

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    Go on back to those "I fucked my mom" and "My teenage daughters friend stripped naked by the pool at my mansion" stories. I'm sure you believe those because they dont say "100% true". Lol, dumbass.
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    I'll add one more part of the story I just remembered...

    We had a company storage site, I was the only with the key to it. Over the 4th of July we met up there and I licked her to an orgasm. She returned the favor by bending over and letting me fuck her. I filled her MILF pussy with my cum.

    We left, she went shopping on the way home. She ran into someone she knew, actually a guy from our work. She told me the next week, while she was talking to him, she had shorts on, she could feel cum running down her leg, lol. She hoped he didnt notice...
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    9 - Nobody gives a shit you salty troll

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