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    Straight Male / 42

    I have been remarried now for a year. My wife has one daughter than just turned 15 and I have one son that is 15 as well. I have noticed that lately those two have been acting way different towards one another.

    For the last few months she has been wanting to use my shower. This was going on a few times a week and I couldn't get to the bottom of it. Finally I decided to put one of those hidden camera's in there so I could figure out what the fuck.

    When it was shower time one night she showed up and wanted to use our shower. After a long shower she came out and went to bed. Later, I checked the video and now I know why. There she was using our shower head messager to masturbate. She orgasmed then washed up, did it again then turned off the water.

    I left the cam on all the time after that and one Saturday morning I left for work early. My wife got up later and left for the day with her friends.

    When I checked it that night, there my wife was getting herself off just like her daughter did. Sometime later to my astonishment my stepdaughter showed up and was showering when my son came in already nude and he got in. They were making out and feeling each other up. Finally he turned her around and fucked her standing up. After a few minutes it was over. On the audio I heard them say they had to get out of there before mom and dad came home.

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    You jerking to the vids of your stepdaughter?
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    Creep. Filming a 15 year old .
    You sir are a festering turd on a stick

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