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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My sweetie and I rub our labia together to work up a foam. We trib for an hour or so and when we are dripping wet, push our pussies hard together, forcing all the air out then we pull them apart to see how loud a sucking noise we can make. This gets us off then we slide our clits back and forth softly until we orgasm. We can also fist each other well.

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    doubt it faggot...
    16 days ago
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    another wanker on her pretending to be a girl... fuck off you fat old disgusting slob.
    16 days ago
  • 3
    never happened BRO!!!
    16 days ago
  • 4
    It sounds like my partner and we are no "fat slobs" or "faggots" or boy teenagers like
    those calling out names without sensibility or rationale, just self hatred taken on line.
    16 days ago
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    I doubt this story is true.
    In fact Iv never read such dogshit.
    Obviously written by a desperate slob man.
    15 days ago
  • 6
    3- still never happened faggot!
    15 days ago
  • 7
    4 - sounds like a slaty old virgin faggot whom is entrenched deep inside his mums basement wrote this... and a retard to continue thinking people are going to believe this fable still...
    15 days ago

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