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    Straight Male / 50

    I want to watch my wife get fucked by a young guy with a big cock. Not just fucked but pounded. Is there anyone else out there like me.

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    sounds good i wish men wanted that for me. good man. make sure to send him this way she is finished with him. so I can show him better stuff hon.
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    you where in a nasty accident! you fell in the bathroom and hit your head on the toilet hard! you are suffering from concussion and have delusions of grandeur... you never had a wife, and no other young man wants to fuck you faggot, have a good day.
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    Yes there is more out there like you. My first wife rode three guys one after the other and then came home to me still craving more. Total slut but loved to fuck.

    My new wife, she has been with a few guys and I told her I wanted to see her in a threesome with me and another guy and all she could say was when.... We have it set up for next weekend and she is totally craving it.

    So no you are not alone, you are one of the very few lucky ones if she goes through with it and you get to watch or participate.
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    My wife and I are discussing this now, she has told me she would like more than one guy fucking her. I cannot wait to watch
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    Youre making a mistake. Once they get it theres no turning back to you...
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    I've watched my wife take a few nice cocks over the years. Fucking her after watching take a strange cock makes me cum so hard. I love it. We've been doing this for 10 years so far.

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