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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I am a widow and on holiday in asia I found a asian young lover who has 7 kids and 10 grandchildren we have found the love we needed in each other. This happened by accident in a way because I got drunk on a boat and was horny for ages for an old rocker and then out of shock when I saw one of my former husbands with an asian woman I went from the concert to making out in the gardens with this asian lover and now we are moving to go live there permanently. We had a lot of sex. It has been the greatest sex of my life after several years without sex since my last husband died turning to my girlfriend to leano on so much bi sex and she attacked me for horny rocker and won but why I have money but she has the looks and class. I was jealous when I seen my ex but the excrement of the show and seeing him pushed me off and I got so drunk I ended up with sort of the wrong man but the right man for me, a strawly asian man who is the greatest lover I have ever had yet. I am now into my 70s and I have done hot sex a lot but this was the best. Volcanos will erupt when we make out in slingo when we marry and the ride with my moe and my leaning girlfriend have a many a 3 somes. now look what we done?

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    Asian men are supposed to have small long and thick was it?
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    bigger then yours! hahaha.
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    #1: youâre a Fool for asking, âsize mattersâ is a myth for most, chemistry and passion is what matters when it all cums down to it.
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    troll post written by the same basement dwelling cock fiend.
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    #2. You actually measured your cock in response to #1? What a paranoid person with low self esteem are you?
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    #3. Let us know from your girl friend/s if you have any about this. Don't reply.
    Most women fantasize about a long and fat one.

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