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    Seeing My Dad Naked with Erecrion

    This question has possibly been asked before, I have seen both my parents naked, I am asking the girls when they see there dad naked with an erection do you get a reaction or not, how do you feel about, I have recently seen my dad with a full erection, from a girls point of view what is your reaction,


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    First up, what was your reaction?
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    I have yes, he was taking a shower and the door was slightly ajar, I was spellbound just looking at him, I did have a reaction, it made all wet.
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    Did you do anything more than stare?
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    I'm a woman, a bit older so I have seen many hard cocks --- as you will. It won't be anywhere near as awesome to you as you seem to think just or not.
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    I remember arriving home from college to see my Dad on the couch watching porn wanking his rather large fat uncut cock.He never heard me arrive home, so I watched sneakerly through the slightly open door. My panties were soon feeling very wet as I rubbed my clit.
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    My reaction, first of all I was at the age when I was aware of my sexuality and I knew about sex, when I saw dad with a hard on he wasn't aware I was awake normally I slept in at weekend, I saw him walk from the bathroom holding his hard dick and wanking it up and down he stopped and looked through the landing window while he wanked until I the sperm cum out of the end he kept going till he finished, I was wet through playing with my self, I was ashamed of my self for watching my dads private pleasure and being so excited about it, I have spied on him since, I know it was wrong to watch but I can not stop,
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    Don't feel ashamed. It's all very normal. Is his the first hard cock you've seen? Or is it just the most exciting one? Does the idea that it helped create you part of the thrill?

    Any plans for letting him see you?
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    Thanks for your interest No7,
    I was very excited because it was my dads and I shouldn't have watched him wanking I became more excited because what I saw gave me life, the shame has gone I am spying more, its not the first hard one I've seen I call at my aunts house many times she usually askes me to take a coffee to my uncle in his work shop, the last time he his dick stuck out of his pants sorry he said and took his time putting it away, I went back in the house my aunt was smirking and grinning at me and said did you like that, there is more but its very naughty,
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    #7 replying. In case you hadn't noticed, naughty is what we do around here. :-)

    If you don't want to tell it on the board, I can be reached at poster46 at outlook dot com. I'd love to hear your story.
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