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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    About 8 years in 2010, I was really into making youtube videos. At the time I was only 10 and my parents did not really police me on it. I would make videos on random things I did, like playing videogames or swimming in my pool. One of my videos was of my mourning routine. Some of the comments on this video asked me to do a shower routine videos, and at the time I saw nothing wrong with doing that.

    In this video, I did not even try to censor anything. I started out with me stripping down for a shower, getting completely naked on camera. My circumcised penis and tiny ball sack hung right in view of the camera.

    I then got into the shower and start to clean myself, my illegal cock still visible. As I continued to clean myself I started playing with my balls. I then turn around and expose my ass, spreading my cheek to allow water to flow through and expose my ass hole.

    After I posted the video, I received comments that read:

    "I want to put your whole fucking cock in my mouth"

    "I fuck you so hard in that tight hole of yours"

    "Little boy, give me a blow job"

    "You should get fucked by two other boys, one in the ass and another in the mouth"

    "I think you will fit"

    While yes, those comments are horrible, I cannot help jerking off to them thinking about all those people wanting to have sex with me.

    The video got taken down at some point.

    Did you ever film yourself naked when you were underaged? Leave a comment.

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    You disgust me. You should be locked up with all the other p dos

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