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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My sexual experiences, I think, began on a playground in the fall of 2001, when I had just turned six.

    In my kindergarten class, we had two kids full-on make out with each other on the playground. I didn’t get too good a look when it happened. Just caught a glimpse of the last 10 seconds or so of what may have been the smallest make-session ever.

    TM, the boy, and JC, the girl, were on the lowest platform on the wooden jungle gym, low enough to the ground to where kids could sit and let their legs dangle off. He was always a bigger boy, mostly height but in girth as well. He had short, dirty-blonde hair and was wearing blue jeans and a blue button up with lighter and darker blue vertical stripes.

    His feet touched the ground.
    Hers did not.

    She was a medium-sized girl with brown hair that was so dark it was almost black. Her dress was over top of a white, long-sleeve shirt with little cartoon characters polk-a-dotted across it.

    He was nearly on top of her when I saw it happening. But it didn’t look like she was being crushed or was resisting at all. Her arms were pushed through his armpits and wrapped around his back as her lips and his were locked together in the aggressive embrace. Their tongues were poking in each other’s cheeks and they switched the orientation of their heads a couple times, like they were trying to make sure they each invaded every nook and cranny of the other’s facehole. His hand crept up her stomach, pulling her shirt up ever so slightly enough to reveal her skin beneath. He may have been trying to cop his first feel of first base.

    She grabbed the back of his head for just a second towards the end of their kiss and he actually caressed her face with his hand for a second as well right after that, before they both pulled off of one another for a second, a shared strand of spittle still connecting their lips.

    And, like a movie almost, this look into one another’s eyes were immediately followed by the teacher’s yelling for them to stop and almost pulling them apart.

    I can’t remember if they got in trouble once we came back in from recess. They may have earned each other a phone call to their parents. But I honestly can’t remember.

    If they had any other escapades after that, I was never witness to them. I think they acted like boyfriend and girlfriend for a short time after that before they both started saying they were just using one another for their first kiss.

    I do remember the look of sheer bliss in that moment when they looked at each other just after one of the most, frankly, passionate kisses I’ve ever been privy to.

    I never talked to her or him much through the rest of elementary school. Neither were ever friends of mine and both were in opposite classes to me.
    She moved away after second-grade I think. He was held back in fifth grade and ended up going to a different middle school than me anyways.

    I did end up seeing her in my last two years or so of high school. Never closely during that time and never again after leaving.

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    I always wonder if the things I did like that are still remembered by anyone who saw...

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