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    I was thirteen when my father divorced my mother and married his nurse receptionist. My mother got child support and alimony and the house and we lived ok, more or less, she didn't work. My father was a doctor so all in all we were ok financially. Then out of the blue several months after he had gotten married he was killed in a car wreck going to work one morning. He had a life insurance policy but he had taken it out in the name of his business because his bank required it so the policy paid the business and the business paid the debts and there wasn't anything left for us or his wife who was pregnant. Without the child support or the alimony and his pregnant wife my mother had to sell the house and everyone moved into this smaller house in a more modest neighborhood.

    I had turned fourteen and I was in the eighth grade and I resented my stepmother's big belly. She is a tiny woman and her belly looked like a huge watermelon and she waked around like she was going to blow up. My mother decided that I was the one to rub oil on her belly to prevent stretch marks so every night after dinner we would watch some tv show and I had to rub oil all over her belly. And it wasn't only her belly because she never wore a bra anymore in the house and she would take off her gown and lay there in nothing but her panties with her boobs the size of big melons and under her belly her panties were rolled up but not above all her pubes. She would take some of the oil and rub it into her boobs until she asked me to do it.

    To say I was traumatized is not enough. We had two bathrooms but she and I shared one bathroom and she had stopped shaving and her wild hair was everywhere, and she may be a petite frame but she is a hairy woman and her hair went almost all the way up to her belly button and down the side of her legs not to mention it was a mass under her panties. She kept telling me that she wanted me to witness the birth, maybe that would be the best birth control for me, once I saw that I wouldn't let a boy within ten feet of me. Why she and my mother decided to have a home birth with a midwife I don't know but I suspect it was to shock me because I was pushed up to help deliver my baby brother. She was right about one thing, any ideas about sex go right out the window once you see that happen.

    Once she was recovered and she was able to work again and my mother got into her job and to be frank my mother's parents helped out with the house and things got a bit easier. My baby brother wasn't as a big a problem as everyone told me he was going to be and I didn't hang out with anyone that had a problem helping me baby sit. Slowly, I got over the trauma delivery and I went out with guys as I got further along in high school and one thing led to another and one night at a party we went all the way. Mind you, I had protection.

    The legacy of all this is that I am an OB Nurse and I attend deliveries. I feel for the moms, when I have them in labor I ask them if they would like me to rub down their bellies which are at the point of blowing up all over the place, I don't do boobs because that is frowned upon, but many moms tell me that is even more relaxing than having their bellies rubbed down. Someplace in my mind I have two images, the image of what I am about to experience when a man is around me and the image about what I have to work with when I help deliver a mom's new baby boy or girl. The two images don't mix. I can go from sex to the delivery room without missing a beat.

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    At last. A story that is believable and not written by a fat bald sweaty 34 year old slob sitting in his moms basement jerking off over pictures of youn menâs arseholes , very refreshing
    Keep up the good work

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