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    I was out with my wife and one of her friends doing some shopping. One of the things I purchased was a pair of swim trunks. We get back home and the 3 of us are in the bedroom and my wife tells me to try them on again. I was waiting for her friend to leave but she didn't. My wife asked what I was waiting for and when I looked over towards her friend my wife told me to not worry about her. I pulled my pants off and was about to put the swim trunks on over my underwear. My wife asked what I was doing, and noticing me looking over to her friend again, tells me I don't need to be shy around her. She tells me you don't wear those over underwear. She saw my hesitation and in a very angry way told me to take them off immediately and that her friend had seen more than her share of men. I then slipped them off and my junk was briefly exposed to her friend as I put on the swim trunks. I kept looking over at her friend and my wife seemed to be getting very irritated by this. My wife then tells me to take off my shirt and socks so I would be just like I would at the beach. I was embarrassed by her friend seeing my junk so I nervously kept looking over at herd. My wife didn't like this and I don't know what mood she was in but it was not a pleasant one. She suddenly starts yelling at me that her friend has seen more than her share of naked guys and that I am a don't need to worry about her seeing me. She then starts really losing it and starts screaming and swearing at the top her lungs to take the fucking swim trunks off. I had never seen her like this before and did as she asked. She continues yelling that I am to do whatever she asks even if that means being naked in front others. She then says I was to stay the way I was until she she told me otherwise. Her friend wasn't saying anything but did seem to like that I was naked. My wife told me to show her friend everything. I said there wasn't much more for her to see. She turns to her friend and asks if there was anything she wanted to see. Her friend says an erection. I thought her friend would say nothing but she didn't. There I am stroking myself to get hard. I finally have an erection and my wife asks her if there was anything else. Her friend says nothing that wouldn't cause a mess. I remember being shocked and my wife saying we would go to the bathroom. I didn't know if they were serious but I was ordered to lay down in the tub and do what was requested. There I was stroking myself with the 2 of them watching. Shortly I was cumming and extremely embarrassed being watched by them. My wife orders me to have a shower and then tells me if I ever disobey or hesitate doing anything she asks it will be worse next time. When I got out of the shower her friend had left so no more embarrassment occurred. The days that followed had her friend always look at me with a smile. My wife did apologize about what she did because she admitted she made me take things too far.

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    Too far? Or not far enough? You should have reclaimed your balls and asked the friend for help with jacking off since she was the one who wanted to see you cum.
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    Yeah, are you really this big of a sissy???
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    You need to return the favor.
    She needs to get naked and flick the bic in front of you and a guy friend.
    A little quid pro quo seems in order.
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    I was worried that my wife was testing me. If she wasn't there I might have fucked her if I knew I could get away with it. I have caught her friend in just panties once and she does have nice tits. My wife doesn't know about this. It may have been why her friend wanted to see me hard and cumming. It was to equal what I saw of her.
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    Unless you saw her masturbate to orgasm, the payback was a lot worse than the crime.
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    Are you all a bunch of thick turds on sticks , this story is absolute garbage.
    When are going to read some normal stuff on here instead of fags and creeps bullshit weirdo crap

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