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    Straight Female / 28

    Not overly sure what they're doing right now, but before I left them earlier today in our guest bedroom, my husband was fucking Chris's arsehole, as Chris sat on his cock.
    I enjoy sex and love being licked and fucked like most women. Yet I just cannot match Liam, my husband's desire for sex. He said he wouldn't fuck another woman (Pregnancy, emotional ties etc) when I asked him about introducing another female to our bed, so that's where Chris comes in.
    Chris is my sisters youngest and as gay as Quentin Crisp, very effeminate. He sucks cock better than I do and loves Liams big cock up his little cute arse. Once a week he comes to stay overnight with us, and last night was that night.
    When they began to get it on with Chris sucking on my husbands dick, I watched for a while and even masturbated as Liam entered his arsehole in the doggy position. But I had work this morning and left them to have sex, kissing my husband goodnight.
    Throughout the night I could hear glimpses of them fucking, but I slept through most of it. This morning owever as got up for work, I popped my head in to see them in a sixty nine, the very first time I'd seen Liam sucking on a cock. Just before I left our home, I went right into the guest bedroom and found Chris mounting my husbands cock. It looked beautiful to see Chris little penis bouncing up and down as he ground down onto Liams erection. My husband smiled at me and said he'd see me later.
    I've not long been in from work and am dying to see what they're up to (I can hear them in the shower). I'm horny right now too, so hopefully they'll be in the mood to let me have fun with them both, they usually do.
    Here goes...............

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    A fat virgin fag wrote this untrue boring bullshit.
    Just saying.

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