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    For nearly six months when I was sixteen I fucked my aunt whenever I went round to her home. I caught her getting fucked by a guy who wasn't her husband, and she made me promise not to say anything. I wouldn't anyway as her husband is a total piss head and sometimes beats my aunt. To make sure I kept quiet, she asked me to call back the same day. In her kitchen she lowered my shorts and my boxers, then sucked in my cock. Getting me super erect, she then had me fuck her from behind as she lay over the table. I didn't last too long as it was only my third time having sex, but I lasted long enough to have my aunt orgasming on my cock. Telling me my cock is the thickest cock she'd ever been fucked by, she had me call by the next day. We had sex again but on the couch and she had me do something I'd never done before, I licked out her pussy and arsehole. Over the next five and three quarter months, I fucked her almost every day, and even sometimes when her husband was at home drunk.
    When they moved after six months I didn;'t get to see her again, not until last month as she returned back from living in Spain. Her husband has died from his drinking habit's, and my aunt visited us almost straight away. Rght from the first time I saw her again, she told me she'd missed me and my cock. The very next morning I went round to her rented flat and fucked her for hours. It is easily the best sex I'd ever had and my aunt said I'd gotten far bigger and knew more on how to pleasure her.
    In three weeks from now, I'm going to be moving in with my thirty eight year old aunt. And whether than rest of the family like it or not, we're going to be living as lovers. I guess my mum will just have to get used to her youngest sister, fucking her youngest son.

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    Just the thickest cock she ever had? I'm sure your's is the longest and she never sucked and swallowed before but she swallows your's every time. Get a life. Pure bullshit!
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    Yes I agree , pure bullshit.

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