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    Looking back at my time on the high school swim team makes me realize how much of us was put on display for all to see. We had tiny swimsuits which were rather snug and didn't leave much to the imagination. Lots of people at competitions, at the school and parents saw us in these rather tiny suits. Seeing pictures of it now makes me realize how little we were covered and one of the parts that was covered was usually very snug and tight and giving a rather clear outline of its size and shape. That wasn't as exposing as when we had parents come to help during our practices or competitions. It was almost always mothers that helped during these times. They would come into our change room and saw us changing. Basically every team member's mother saw every other mother's son naked. There was even a joke going around that by having your son on the swim team was a key to see naked guys. Most team members were younger and I don't think that was true but there were a couple of team members who were 18 years old, basically men, who did seem to get more looks from the mothers. Also, during some practices we had one female teacher poke her head into the change room quite a lot looking for our coach and saw most of us naked on most occasions.

    There was one incident that occurred which got our coach in a little trouble but not much. He would always say we were a team and had to act like a team and support each other no matter what. It was our one hour 7:30am swim practice and one of the team members forgot his swimsuit. He lost his temper with him. He was shouting at him and eventually told him that he would be swimming naked and told us all to meet him by the pool. There were 8 or us with 7 of us in suits and one naked. He then starts giving us a lecture about acting like a team. He goes on to say a team works out together, helps each other out and supports each other no matter what. He then goes on to say that one team member forgot his suit. He then says a team must look like a team and since one of us doesn't have a suit to put on all of you are doing the practice like him. He then made all of us take our suits off. There were all 8 or us naked doing our practice. Since some students get to school early they must have got word out we were swimming naked and more than the usual zero watching us now had over 20 students in the gallery watching us. It was little embarrassing but we knew the coach would kill us if we didn't follow his orders. I remember when our practice was almost over he had us come out of the pool and gave us a further lecture. There we stood with arms at our sides fully exposed to the gallery and the students up there as he went on again about what teamwork meant. One of the guys pointed out the students in the gallery watching us was increasing. He seemed to ignore it and seemed to lecture us longer to teach us a lesson and most likely to prevent anyone forgetting their suit again. The number of students began to start increasing the closer it was getting to the school 8:45am start time. When he finally let us go there may have been almost 150 students up in the gallery seeing us naked. Being the school had around 250 students it means more than half of the school saw us naked.

    Later we found out the trouble the coach got into was not because he made us swim naked but because he didn't lock the gallery door. The parent of one of students said they didn't want her daughter seeing naked boys and when they were told it wouldn't happen again they accepted it and that was all that happened. I know if this happened these days all sorts of actions and disciplines would have been taken against him.

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