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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    For the past two years my wife's son Davis, who's now nineteen, has been trying hard to get me to fuck him. Davis has been flirting heavily with me right in front of his mom, with his mom just telling me "It's all just harmless fun".
    What she hadn't seen, even though she knows her son is obviously gay, was the times when her son was offering up his asshole to me. Or when I'd fallen asleep downstairs these past couple of months, and he'd managed to release my cock and suck on it.
    Until I spoke to my wife very recently, I did nothing about it, other than tell Davis it wasn't right. But her comments made me realize she probably doesn't care if I'm fucking him. One comment was "Look if Davis fancies you, and feel like obliging him, then who am I to tell you what to do. You might just enjoy fucking him. I'm sure he'd enjoy it".
    Literally hours after that comment with his mom having left home hours before for her late shift at work, he walks naked into the bathroom where I'm showering, and enters the shower with me. He grips my cock, tells me it's time and then drops down to begin sucking in my dick.
    I was a straight man, married to his very beautiful mom, and there I am allowing a nineteen year old kid to sick my cock, and it feels fucking awesome. I don't know whether it was his mom kind of giving me permission to do so, but having Davis so eagerly sucking on my cock and balls, it became such an intense blow job. So much so within five to ten minutes I was blowing my load straight down Davis's throat. And he just carried on sucking my dick.
    Hard again within minutes, his tongue and mouth working wonders on my flaccid cock, making it super erect again. Davis stands up, tells me it's his turn to cum and turns around. Pulling his ass cheeks apart, he looks back at me and says very calmly "Now fuck me".
    My cock measures just over seven inches, and every single inch slid up his gorgeous asshole, right up to my balls in one long thrust. And wow did that boy want it. Backing onto me right from the word go, I began to fuck the little man with everything I had. Davis took everything and kept on telling me to treat him like a slut. Holding him tightly, I plunged my cock into his fuckhole over and over and over again. Then building up my pace and depth up his ass, Davis turned his head and we began to kiss. It purely instinct to kiss him back and even though our mouths were locked kissing, I heard him grunt out his orgasm as my dick sank deeper up his ass. Still kissing my step son, I came up his ass and pumped away until I stopped shuddering from the intensity of my climax.
    We washed each other, dried off a little and then I took Davis to bed. It was on the bed I've fucked his mom countless times before, I licked and sucked my first ever cock, as we sixty nined on top of the quilt.
    Moving us around I saw the clock and realized his mom would be home from her shift within the hour. Telling Davis, he lays on his back, puts his ankles on my shoulders and says "Please fuck me one more time". My dick is as hard as I can ever remember, so I ease it up his hole and drop down to kiss my wife's son.
    We fuck more slowly and with more control. Davis grinds onto my cock and I feel my orgasm rising. Lifting my head he jerks suddenly and I felt his cock pumping out his cum between us. It has me feeling so horny I cum within seconds, but because I've cum twice already, it's a weird feeling of pure elation throughout my entire body, rather than just my cock.
    Cleaning ourselves up, Davis and I are in the kitchen having a coffee when his mom enters. We both must still have looked flushed, because my wife said "You finally fucked him then". Davis smiled, I probably looked guilty and she added "Never whist I'm at home".
    It was all she said, and Davis and I have been fucking ever since. I still have amazing sex with my wife occasionally, but if she's not around and we're both horny for it (All the fucking time) myself and Davis get it on.
    I'm not sure it's because I'm six years younger than my wife, or if it's because she's just allowing her son to enjoy me too. But I'm definitely having the time of my life, and boy am I loving fucking Davis's gorgeous asshole.

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