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    Straight Female / 31


    I'm 31 years old, married, and a mother, with a very responsible position, and yes, Mallory is my real name. What's the sense of making a confession unless you use your real name, right? Until last night I'd been completely faithful to my husband, who I'll call S here. The furthest I'd ever gone with other men since I've been married is to exchange a few more maybe than friendly kisses when I'd had too much to drink, but it was pretty much for fun, and I never seriously considered it going any further than that, at least not in realiity, although in my fantasies it had. Well, last night that all changed.

    We went to a party at a friend's house and S got totally drunk. That's not like him, because he usually controls his drinking at parties better than I do, but for some reason, last night he didn't. I mean, he was like fall down drunk. Maybe the fact that we'd dropped my son off at my parent's house for the night made him feel like he could loosen up more than usual. I myself was at the happy-friendly drunk stage. (That's how I usually get when I drink.) When it came time for us to go home, neither of us were fit to drive. We were going to call an Uber, but our friends who hosted the party suggested that their 18 year old son (B) drive us home, so he could help me get S in the house and into bed. That made sense to me, so I accepted.

    So B drove us home, and helped me get S up the stairs to our bedroom and put him on the bed. Then I asked B to help me get S undressed down to his underwear so he could sleep like that. B agreed and we both took S's shoes & socks off. Then B atarted taking off S's shirt, while I worked on his pants. When I pulled S's pants down, his underwear came down with them, so he was laying there with his soft dick out. In my drunken state, I thought that was hilariously funny & started laughing hard, and I guess my laughter was contageous, because B started laughing too.

    Then I took S's dick in my hand and stroked it several times, but it stayed totally soft, so I sort of flopped it around & said, "I guess I'm not getting any tonight," as I laughed some more. B said, Still laughing, B said, "Maybe you just need to work on it some more." So I took S's dick in my mouth & sucked it for a while, but it was still like a dead little snake. After I gave up on that, I said, "Nope, not even a twitch. No dick for Mallory tonight," followed by another hearty laugh.

    B said he thought he'd better go, so I go off the bed, & walked downstairs, leading him to the front door. When we got close to it, in the front room, I asked B to wait a minute. Then I turned my back to him & asked him to help uzip my dress before he left. He seemed a little nervous about doing that, but after a little encouragement from me he did. Up until that point it had all been in fun, but when I turned back around to face B, my dress slipped off over my shoulders and I gave a little wiggle of my hips, letting it fall to the floor, that's when things started to change. As I wound up standing there right in front of this good-looking young man in just my bra, panties and heels, something seemed to click inside me. Maybe it was the way he was looking at me.

    Even though I'm considerably older than B, I think I'm still an attractive woman. I'm only about 5'2", but with my long, dark hair, big eyes, pouty lips, and large, full breasts, I think I can stil hold my own, even though I'm carrying a few more pounds than I should be for my size. When I saw how B was looking at me, with obvious lust in his eyes, without even thinking I stepped up to him, threw my arms around him, and kissed him. It was definitely not just a friendly kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth and tongue kissed him deeply. I think he was startled at first, because he just stood there lettig me kiss him for several seconds, but then he took me in his arms and started kissing me back very enthusiastically.

    Our bodies were pressed tightly together front to front, and I could feel a large bulge pressing against my stomach thru his jeans. When his hands slipped down onto my ass, right then & there I knew I just had to have this young man. I pulled back from him a bit, unbuckled his jeans, opened them, and pushed them and his underwear down past his hips, letting his hard dick spring free. Then I took it in my hand, gave it a few strokes, & led him over to the sofa by it. It was a pretty impressive one, both in length and girth.

    We fell down onto the sofa, me on the bottom and him between my open legs, and began to kiss lustily again. Before long, he'd managed to get my bra & panties off, and I'd unbuttoned his shirt and gotten that off too, so we were both naked. I reached down between us, grasped his hard dick, positioned it an my entrance, and lifted my hips us sharply, getting the head inside me. Then he pushed forward, getting it in the rest of the way. I must say, it felt really great being filled like that. Then he started moving, and it felt even better.

    To make a long story short, he fucked me until he came inside me, and when he did, I came too. When he rolled off me, I still felt like I needed more, so I coaxed him over onto his back, slid down, and started to suck him. He was still about half hard, so it didn't take long before he was completely erect again, Then I kneeled up, swung my leg over him, guided the tip of his dick to my entrance again, and dropped my weight down on him, completely impaling myself on his beautiful shaft. Then I started to lift myself up and down, fucking myself on it while he played with my breasts and hard nipples. This time it lasted longer, allowing me to cum 2 more times before he emptied himself inside my pussy for the second time that night.

    After we recovered, I started to feel a little guilty about what we'd done, but I didn't say anything to him about that. I just told him he'd better get dressed and go, before S woke up, and before his parents started to worry why dropping me off was taking so long. He agreed, seemingly reluctantly, and got up and dressed. Then I walked him to the door, still naked myself, with his cream seeping out of me and down my inner thighs.

    When we got there, I hid behind the door as I opened it, not wanting to be seen naked by any neighbors who might still be up at that late hour. He started to walk out, but much to my surprise, at the last second he turned around, grasped my upper arm, and pulled me out from behind the door. Then right there in the light of the open doorway, he took me in his arms and kissed me hard and deep. I struggled a bit at first, but gave up after a few seconds and kissed him back. I felt like I was doing it with the whole world watching, but at the moment, I didn't care.

    When the kiss finally ended, I pushed him back and said goodnight. He said thank you and goodnight, and then turned and left. Then I went upstairs, took a quick shower, put my nightgown on, and got in bed next to a still sleeping (passed out?) S. I kept thinking about what had just happened, and my mind kept wavering between how great it had felt, and deep feelings of guilt that I'd let it happen, so it took me a very long time to fall asleep.

    Now on to today. When S woke up, I was hoping that he'd make love to me, to sort of reclaim me after what had happened last night, but he was far too hung over for that. All he wanted was coffee and quiet. Around mid-morning, I started getting texts from B, telling me how great last night had been for him, how beautiful I was, how great my breasts were, and how he couldn't wait to fuck me again. I tried to explain to him that, even though it had been very good for me too, as far as I was concerned it was just a one-time thing that I couldn't let happen again.

    He was having none of that, though, and kept pressing me for a second time. His texts started getting more and more explicit, both in the words he used and the thoughts they conveyed, saying things like how obvious it was that I loved his big "cock," and that he needed to get it in my married "c**t" and fill me with his cum again, and soon. He even talked about how he wanted to "fuck my big tits" and "shoot his cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it."

    When I still refused to meet him again... ever, his next text contained something I'd forgotten all about. They were attachments, pictures of me I'd drunkenly allowed him to take of me the night before with his phone, several of them. In all of them I was completely naked. One of them showed me with his hard dick in my mouth, and one showed me laying on my back with my legs open wide and his cum seeping out of me. When I saw them I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and after his next text, I felt trapped. In it he didn't specifically threaten to show them to S, but he did say that he'd like to keep them completely to himself, and would find it much easier for him to do that if I continued to meet him and have sex with him regularly in the future... any kind of sex he wanted. So the implication was clearly there. I thought about it for a while, and then felt like I had no other option, so I agreed to his terms, and we settled on getting together later this week during the day, on a day I was scheduled to work from home.

    Now my feelings are fluctuating between anger at him for pressuring me into doing this, anger at myself for allowing anything to happen between us in the first place, and very strong feelings of arousal as I fantasize about what he's going to want to do with me and to me when we next meet. As a matter of fact, just before I wrote this, I locked myself on the bathroom, masturbated and came hard thinking about that last part.

    If anyone reading this thinks it's all made up, I don't care. I know that it's completely true, and now that I've confessed it to the world, that's all that matters to me.

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    That was so hot! Make sure you tell us what happens when you meet him later in the week.
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    Incredibly sexy story. You're obviously turned on by his abilities with his big cock and the coerced aspect of the next fuck session. Now, back to planet earth. If you were smart enough to keep his messages, you have him by the short hairs. While momentarily thrilling to think he wants you that badly, blackmail is still illegal and you have some options.

    First off, if you decide you really want to fuck him again to get it out of both of your systems, have fun, but make it very clear that it has to be on your terms. There must be three non-negotiable conditions.

    First, he empties all of his pockets, bags, or anything else he has and turns over all phones, cameras, etc. that can record images or sounds. These need to be turned off at a minimum and batteries removed if possible. Getting caught once was foolish, twice is stupidity.

    Second, he comes alone and can't tell anyone where he's going or why. That is, unless you want to become a convenient cum dump for him and his closest dozen friends. Nobody with him, nobody waiting for him. In fact I suggest waiting five minutes to insure no strange cars show up after he arrives. He has to know discretion is part of the price he pays for access to that sweet married pussy and those big tits. The first hint anyone else knows, and it's over.

    Third, secure the house. Make sure all of the doors and windows are locked before he gets there and all of the curtains are drawn tight. You lock the door he enters the and don't let him have any alone time that could be used to unlock one that you don't know about. The last thing you want is his two closest buddies wandering in while you're getting ass fucked and calling dibs on your mouth.

    Lastly, again this assumes you decided to have at least one more go with him, tell him you have his messages and you're calling the shots on when or if there are any other adventures. You can get forgiveness for a single drunken trip. An ongoing fling based on his perceived hold over you is the road to disaster. Inform him that there are plenty of jail cells filled with smarter people than him who played the blackmail game and lost. So unless he wants to become some bodybuilder's bitch, he best delete all of his photos and videos and make sure none ever see the web or your husband's email.

    Of course, if you really want to nip it in the bud, and have no inclination to give him one last ride on the good count Mallory, just start from Lastly and follow the instructions.
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    Maybe you should tell your husband what a cheating cum bucket slut you are. Ps your name is dogshit.
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    Follow #2's advice. Plus I would suggest using a hotel. Or tell the sob blackmailer to fuck off.
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    Nice story but I doubt its true. First you wouldnt put your real name if you are so paranoid about being discreet. And the story seems a little too over embellished with details.

    If it is true you are screwed, in both ways. Trusting an 18 yr old not to tell his friends that he's fucking a MILF??? You'd be better off putting it on the front page.
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    When are you supposed to meet him? Have you decided whether or not to give up all of your holes to him? Be his cum dump for the afternoon? Or that afternoon and more? What will you do if he shows up with friends?
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    It's Friday, has he fucked you yet?
  • 8
    Come on Mallory. It's not fair to give us that finely written lead in and not come back to finish. It's like finding out the last two chapters of a good detective story have been ripped out of your copy.
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    This is Mallory again. Yes, the one originally wrote about this event. My apologies for not having responded to your comments or tell you of any followup encounters with B, but I've been very busy with my young son, my job, my husband & my extended family. Actually, I never even expected to get any comments, let alone interest in what happened later. Getting comments wasn't why I posted this. It was purely to confess it & try to maybe ease my conscience a bit. Now that I see there are comments, I must say, I rather enjoyed reading them... Well, most of them anyway. I'll try to respond to them in summary. I think doing it one at a time will be too repetitive & boring.

    I'd probably be willing to write a follow-up, & bring those who are interested up to date about what happened between B & me after that first night, but I'm confused as to how to do that on this site. Should I make an entirely new post & maybe refer back to the title of my original post, or maybe even put a link to it in the second post, also putting a link to the second one in the Comments section of this post. Can you even post links here?

    Now on to my responses to the comments that are already here, comments 1-8.

    First of all, I want to thank everyone who enjoyed reading it, whether you thought it was interesting or hot or sexy or just well written or whatever. I do apreciate all the positive & supportive comments very much. And I want to thank everyone who expressed sympathy for the situation that night put me in. For now, all I'll say is I'm making the best of it.

    Yes, I'll admit it, I am turned on by his big cock, but much more than that, I'm turned on by the fact that this much younger, good-looking man is so interested in me in that way at my age. It's kind of flattering, I guess.

    I didn't think he'd tell anyone else about what happened, or spread those embarrassing pictures around, because I told him I'd cut him off from any more sex with me immediately if he did, & I'd tell my husband all about my original mistake. Then I'd just have to accept the consequences to my marriage. Given that I wasn't entirely sober during it, I think there's a reasonable chance S would forgive me, at least in time. I realize that now, although I didn't then... not until quite a bit later. I probably didn't make that clear when I originally told you about that night. There was so much else to tell.

    I wish I'd read your suggestions as to how to protect myself from him bringing in any of his friends before now. They were good ones, & they would have helped. I feel so dumb right now not to have thought of at least some of them myself. I did make sure that he didn't take any new pics or videos, though.

    As far as me stopping the blackmail by going to the police, that would involve me telling them the entire tale, rather than just having to tell S about it. Everyone in town, all my business associates, family, & everyone who knows me would eventually find out about what I did. It'd be like public information, & I don't think I could handle that. And as far as me demanding that he delete all the pics he took, even if he told me he did that, there's no way I could ever be sure he really did, & if he didn't, they could always pop up later. It'd be an exerise in futility.

    Regarding the suggestion that we use a hotel, assuming you meant it to not do it at my house, that was pretty much what we did after our first... um... reunion, at least most of the time.

    As to had I decided how much use of my body I was going to give him before we got back together, & the nitty-gritty detail of what parts of it he'd be allowed to get at with what parts of his, in all honesty, I really hadn't, not in any detail, anyway, other than to say I was generally determined for it to be as little as possible.

    Now to those who doubted the veracity of my confession, the main thing I have to say is, I don't really care whether you believe me or not. That doesn't change the fact that it really happened. You're entitled to our opinion, but it happens to be wrong. And as for using my real name here & someone definitively identifying me by it, that's the only fact I disclosed that could possibly be used to tie it to me, so the ability of someone other than me or B being able to do that are probably less than for me winning the lottery. I'm not exactly the only Mallory in the world.

    Did we get together again after that first night? Well, by now you've probably figured out that we did, & not just once. I'll probably tell about that after I figure out how to do it on this site. Any help anyone can give me on that would be greatly appreciated.
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    #2 here.

    Probably the most visible way [if you want the biggest audience] is to enter a new confession with a header of "MALLORY'S MISTAKE PART 2". And then give a reference back to this one by saying part one was #41781.

    If you're just looking to update we few who keep checking back and showed enthusiasm for the original story just put it here. I understand that could have some attraction given the number of rude people who scream "FAKE!!" and sling poo at every confession seems to have increased by a factor of 10 here of late.

    Or, since I'm also commenter numbers 2, 6, 7, & 8, you can email me direct. I'll drop my public anonymous account in the comments if you tell me you want it.

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