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    Straight Female / 21

    This is posted here because while I've now done it a few times it still feels weird to me and to the Teen Troll who reads these then responds by claiming the post is done by a fat, ugly woman (obviously, he has a letch for them, probably remind him of his mother).

    I married a handsome man who turned out to be more than what he claimed, that is, being bi. I have discussed this with him and I feel he is a latent gay and not really bi. The reason for this is his penchant for watching men have intercourse with me, with me on top, and coming from behind the men, mounted on me, a licking them out. It took close to two years of his coaxing then pleading to get me to go along but eventually, he located a stunning co-worker happy to indulge so I went for it.

    Admittedly, I enjoy the fetish but I'm planning to get out of it and leave my husband soon. I do it, enjoy, it then have guilt pains and that is something inside me telling me it's just not for me.

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    Well c**t, everyone enjoys it but you donât like the fact afterwards. So you think you got to leave? Give a no more ultimatum first! Or maybe a once a month thing. He is just trying to give you the best sex

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