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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 46

    First I need to say that I did not grow up in Europe or the United States, I grew up in a very conservative third world Catholic country. We were not Catholics, my father was assigned there and we went to live there when I was five and my parents still live there. My two younger siblings were born there and everyone feels like they are native's of the country.

    My first experience with libertine freedom was in high school when a girl who had attended a mixed bilingual school came to my class. My experience with libertine freedom happened because my new classmate, we were ninth graders, told me that she had already had sex. My look, answer, whatever opened up the whole conversation about how she had sex with this boy in the eleventh grade who went to school with her brother. She described oral sex and she described doggy sex. I should add that at the time I had never had a sex talk with anyone, certainly nothing like that happened at the school I had gone to and my parents never talked about it.

    The result of all this is that she helped show me how you could have doggie sex, she had me get on my hands and knees and she cleanly entered my vagina from behind with two of her fingers and finger fucked me. I didn't know about lubricating but she had no problems because I was so lubricated anything would have gone in without a problem. She showed me how to kiss and how you got felt up and that having oral sex felt good. It was her first time having oral sex with a girl but it took very little time before we were having complete oral sex with fingering and orgasms.

    It is just that on the outside everyone in the school was a virgin including the nuns and there was talk from time to time about some girl that had graduated was married and now she had to surrender to her husband. No one used the work sex, or intercourse or fuck or anything like that. The only acceptable reference was that she had no choice but to surrender. And this was drilled into us by the nuns. The main reason why we should become nuns, because when you became a nun you married Christ and well he was a spirit so you surrendered your soul but not your body.

    But to get back to my new classmate. If we weren't performing oral sex we were on our knees with our butt in the air and getting fingered while we masturbated our clits and had orgasms. Without question oral sex was better, until you just couldn't take it anymore and you got on your knees and got fingered.

    She talked to her brother and asked him if he would talk to his friend and if he told her parents that he was taking us to the movies then we would get permission and the four of us would go to the weekend house which was an hour away from the city. At the weekend house the boys took out some beer that they had brought, they had us undress and they sat on the couch while we posed naked for them. It was time for me to learn about a boy and we got on our knees and she opened her boyfriend's pants and I followed suit with her brother and I sucked his penis while she sucked her boyfriend's penis. She showed me how to hold his penis in my hand and suck around the head of the penis and then go down on it.

    For sex we went to the master bedroom and we both laid back on it and the boys got on top and we had intercourse, sex with a capital S, we got fucked. We had discussed that when it came time for them to cum they would pull out and cum on the outside. That was the disappointing part, having him cum all over my stomach. We laid there and we ran our fingers through the semen on our stomachs and she tasted it and I tasted it. The boys got on their backs and we sucked their penis again.

    This is how I became a bit of a slut. Technically I wasn't called a slut because as an American girl everyone knew that American girls were easy. As we went on to the tenth and eleventh grades there were other sluts in our school, local girls, and as we finished high school some of went on to college, several of us went to the US or to Europe to go to college, and some stayed and got married and as the nuns told us they had to surrender to their husbands.

    I graduated and returned to get married, to my boyfriend from the ninth grade. A couple, maybe even a few of the girls may have had sex with more than one boy, but once you had intercourse with a boy you had made your choice. I am sure that the reason I was the girlfriend to get married to was because of my classmate who is now my sister in law. She had introduced us and from that day on I was his official girlfriend.

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    Did you stay faithful during your college years? Or were there other dicks to ride and cocks to suck while you were in the US all alone?

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