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    Straight Male / 44

    Now that I am an older guy and know of and been with some women who desire and have strange sex preferences I like thinking back about a neighbor years ago. Helene was close to 40 at the time and I was about 13 when it began. She lived in the corner house and her husband left her and she didn't have kids. At first I only cut her grass or shoveled her snow off the sidewalk and driveway. She always paid me good and began having me wash her windows and do other house chores for her all with my mothers consent. Helene was an attractive women and knew it. I was just a normal young teen at the time but liked seeing her especially when she began exposing herself to me. She started out wearing these night gowns that were almost see through and I knew she had no underwear on. She began having me come to her house once a week after school aside from when I cut the grass. She had me dusting and polishing her furniture all over the house and that's when I began seeing her naked. She intentionally had me vacuum her bedroom as she showered in the master bath knowing I was watching her. There was no way she didn't know I could see her even when she undressed. Every time I washed windows, polished furniture or vacuumed her rugs I would see her naked. After a few months went by she began masturbating obviously knowing I could see her and I was dumb enough at the time not to know what a vibrator was. She not only wanted me to watch her but had no problem expressing herself with loud moans as she orgasmed. That's when I began going into her bathroom to jerk off not that I already hadn't been doing it at home. I don't actually remember when she began asking if I wanted to shower before I went home but I always said no thanks. Then she began almost insisting I get a shower and telling me to use the one in the master bedroom. It was a large glass enclosed shower and I finally consented to use it after a few months of her insistence. She left me towels and each time I began showering there I began jerking off because I just got done seeing her naked and sometimes watched her masturbate. There was no door for the master bathroom but only a wall which made it more private from the bedroom. I would stand by the far window whenever I watched her shower and looked that way to see if she was there but she never was. It took months before I found out she was watching me from the other side of the room. I never knew the mirror on the bathroom wall showed into the shower from the opposite side of the room. I was probably 14 by then and didn't mind her watching me and have to admit it turned me on. The crazy thing is not her or me ever acknowledged it or spoke about it. She knew I was watching her and I knew she watched me shower every week. She didn't care if I saw her masturbate and I liked her seeing me jerk off in the shower. It went on once a week for over a year and I still don't know what caused her to sell the house and move away. I never saw her again and when I asked her why she was moving she just said her job. At that age I don't know why but once I found out she was watching me shower it never seemed to embarrass me. I assume because I saw her naked so many times. I'll never forget Helene and see now how I was such a lucky kid at the time.

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    What an utter load of bullshit this story is.
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    I don't know if its BS since my brother and I watched a woman shower every weekend for four Summers in a row. From 1993 til '96 we spent the summers in Stone Harbor NJ where my parents still have the vacation house. Next door was a couple who were probably in their late 30's. Everyone had an outdoor shower on the side or back of their house. The woman next door always showered when back from the beach and fortunately for my brother and I the walls of her shower was slotted wood panels. There were several gaps and this woman was well aware we were watching her. She not only could also see through those gaps but would talk to us for a short time then tell us she was going to shower. She masturbated most of the times we watched her and many times we saw her shaving her pubic hair. In 1997 the sold the house and the new people built a new shower stall which was a big disappointment to me and my brother.
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    I believe you. I had it happen to. Hot older woman love knowing they can get young cocks hard.

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