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    Straight Female / 34

    Not politically correct but the truth is the truth and my first experience was as a Freshman at a Frat party and I was taken to a bedroom and I lost my innocence, or cherry. How was it? Well to tell the truth it was scary. And I developed a never ending crush on him. And when he dated other girls I was hurt. He put up with me but it wasn't until I was in my late twenties that he more or less started to accept me as an equal. I am one of those women that decided to follow him to the ends of the earth, if he held my hand it was better, if I had to walk behind him so be it. Mostly I walked behind him but he did hold my hand if we were sitting down.

    To me being married and taking his name was not only the thing to do, it is the thing to do. Sure, it took him a lot of messing around with other girls before he came to his senses and married me, but he married me because I never left his side. Of that I am convinced, I never gave up. I got accused of being his puppy dog, of being his useful bitch, of not having a backbone, of being a doormat. He may have had other girlfriends but the girlfriend that domesticated him was me. When some other girl sent him packing he had me to come back to. I didn't like him running around, I have always been jealous and it hurt, but I was a stupid kid in college and he was already a working man and he was out tasting all the fruit but he always came back to me to be comforted.

    Ev eryone has their own path, but I resent being told that I am a doorstop, or his laundry woman, I am his wife. He has his ways, and maybe he goes off now and then, but he is my husband as he is and I am his wife.

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    Itâs ok to be just a peace of ass dunk. Enjoy it. Make sure his friends are taken care of.
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    If you want to be sure never to be thought of as his laundry woman or doormat, insist on
    being free to go off now and then too.
    Or if he can't handle that, then tell him you want to start doing parties for him and his friends.
    Make it clear you have your ways too.
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    Well if you don't want to be seen as a doormat and I suggest you get that "welcome" tattoo removed from your lower back! Haha just joshin ya

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