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    Straight Male / 39

    Anyone else find it extremely hypocritical that apparently good "wholesome" people come here by mistake and read all of these stories then think it's appropriate for them to post negative comments about the author. I bet these are the same assholes that walk into a bar then bitch about the smoke and fowl language.

    I not hiding the reason I show up here from time to time...I want to get off just like the rest of you.

    What really chaps my ass is the ones that go to the "when I was a kid" section then accuse those people as being pervs. I mean wtf did you think those stories would be about anyway? They're probably the pervs. They're prob the nice church going couple from the neighborhood that you would never suspect meanwhile he's fucking her in the ass while they both are reading about some underage chick getting diddled.

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    I would venture to say that most of the nasty remarks are from borderline, mean spirited teen-aged boys who read the posts, masturbate, then attempt to expiate their guilt by posting insults and name-calling. This is clearly teen behavior.
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    I just call them liberals
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    I know a woman (church goer) if she would read these she would be appalled and then some. However this woman I have known since I was a kid has fucked around on her two of her husbands.
    Go figure right?
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    I agree. I've posted things on here that are true and half the time some doosh comes back with "fucking liar" or whatever. Like why should people post real stuff on here if they are just going to catch shit about it.

    But thats just the 1%, they fuck it up for everyone...
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    Yes, some things are hard to believe...I have a 13 inch dick that my girlfriend can deepthroat but most of the time these do seem legit and like every story they are going to have some fluff to make it worth reading.

    Oh, and btw, I caught my own mistake. It's foul not fowl.

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