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    Straight Male / 36

    I read here about others who graduated from mowing lawns, etc, in certain lady's homes. I was tutored by a really s really oversexed uncle Pete, who taught me tricks about women's lawns and shrubs. One of my customer's with a large lawn, Florence, was 50 and I was 17. She had a gym room in her large house and never closed the door, sometimes wearing little more than a cotton top and bottom that clung to her body when we worked out in it.

    I found it impossible to just stand and watch her but I learned to walk by outside the room when she was facing the door with some kind of workout. Before walking by I would take my cock out and stroke it up then tuck it into my pants and walk by. I did not count the number of times I did it but was getting tired of the activity when I noticed one time she spotted my boner and stopped working out for a moment or two, in short, missing some activity.

    Flo was, for her age, fit and in amazing shape. She was my height and at the time I was 6' tall. She was a high priced corporate attorney and had a large home, including a teen-aged boy, me, helping around. What turned me on most about her, strangely enough, was muscular thighs and curvy legs with large calves all running into a large, clearly delineated camel toe between her legs. I imagined my mouth on it working at it for months.

    After some time with me walking by displaying a boner under my short pants or jeans, she began to engage me in small chats. Then she asked me to sit with her for some ice cold tea. The day we finally made physical contact was blurry due to my excitement but it came like a thunderstorm and I realized that she was loaded with a much pent up sexual frustration that I carried.

    In moments, we were both naked and I was eating her out like made, making my long held fantasies into life. I heard her said, "Holy shit, holy shit, oooohhhh, GOD that's good. I never had that, don't stop, don't stop." Her words segued into a climax and that was before we started to fuck. In the early times we fucked daily and I told my horny uncle everything. He would excuse himself, go to the toilet and jerk off. Then he would return and offer me guidance. As it turned out, Florence was getting the wildest, knowing, middle-aged sex she ever had but from a teen-aged boy with a muscular teen-aged body, stamina and sex hunger. There was no better venue for her.

    Soon enough, Flo, still more than 30 years older than me, was falling in love with me and I with her. We whispered little expressions of affection for each other. After our first year as secret lovers, Flo took me to a wonderful dinner on her 51st birthday. I recall in the upscale restaurant where you get served by half a dozen people, one of the waitresses thought I was Flo's grandson and I imagine us fucking like crazy with the waitress looking on, shocked.

    We were both undergoing major changes, physically, and socially in our lives. Flo was hired away for even more money by a larger firm and I graduated High School and went away to college. We traded cards and love letters for some years afterward. Uncle Pete helped me more than he ever knew or could imagine.

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