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    Straight Male / 25

    I had it bad for a woman at work. She was in her mid forties and had the face and body of a much younger woman. There wasn't a guy in the office that didn't have fantasies of fucking her.

    We were sent to Chicago for a big business meeting, we would be there for three days, maybe four if there were any problems. We stayed at a Five star hotel and had adjoining rooms. The meeting went great and our company landed a big money contract. I called back to the office and told our Manager we had landed the contract.

    He told us to have a great time on the expense of the company, within reason of course. We went to a very expensive dinner and went to a club afterwards for a few drinks and even did some dancing.

    We got back to the hotel a little after midnight and when I walked Sarah to her door, she turned around and kissed me deeply. The taste of her lipstick, the smell of her perfume, not to mention the way she was dressed, had my head spinning.

    We went into Sarah's room, barely made it to the bed. I barely remembered our clothes coming off. Her body was fucking delicious to see laid out under me. We kissed again, my mouth feasted on her nipples, I went down on Sarah and she was moaning with delight.

    My cock was rock hard and I slid my cock into her drenched pussy. I fucked her like it was my last day on earth and she begged me to fuck her harder. After all my fantasies thinking about fucking Sarah and here I was with my cock buried inside of this sexy bitch, I was shooting my load into her pussy.

    Sarah almost screamed the word "NO!" At first I had the idea she was upset that I came inside of her but that would have been better. She was screaming because I probably was inside of her pussy for all of ten minutes tops!

    My chance at fucking one of the hottest women, and here I was nothing more than a two pump chump! I had never had that happen before, why now? I'm thinking okay I can keep working her pussy with my tongue, fingers, both! Sarah wasn't having it, the mood was gone as far as she was concerned.

    We lay in her bed and Sarah made a comment about going to bed, it was late, I knew exactly what that meant. I slid out of bed, Sarah covered her delicious body with a sheet. I gathered my clothes and dressed quickly.

    We flew back home the following afternoon, neither of us speaking of what happened. I cannot imagine being more embarrassed than I was that night........

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    It happens man.. I got a chance to nail a hot 42 year old brunette who shocked me by immediately dropping on all fours in perfect porn position,if you know what I mean. My hard cock was squirting as I pushed in on the first pump....Lucky for my I had amazing sex with her probably 45 times after that. She knew the doggie was to much first time. :)

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