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    Straight Male / 27

    I just want to fulfill a woman fantasy. I hate when women have the most craziest secrets And never open up to me. Im really a very understanding guy. Wr all have deep secrets. im into girls letting dogs eat them out and also other things just ask me. So whats your secret ladies ?

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    I want my own father to lick me, fuck me and to gently but firmly plant his seed deep inside my pussy. You can't do that, and everyone knows you can't be a dog either. So how do you think you can fulfill anything?
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    I read taboo stories of adults and children having sex. It makes me so horny and I cum so hard.
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    Sick fucks.
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    The sickest fuck is the malevolent one who takes time out of his pathetic life to call others sick because they think differently than he does.
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    Wow im loven these confessions i wish it was a way we can contact each other, And any women that has a confession ill try my best to fulfill their every confession or at least understand and not judge them for what they're doing in there lives ... I like the kid cinfession as well omg i just got so hard thinking about that and the father one yes! ;)
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    And when i say contact like a better way to see communicate besides this site ...
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    Communicate with your ass, you fucking scammer and p**o! LEARN ALREADY! Get the fuck out of here trying to lure people getting contact with your virus files!
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    Why are you commenting on my post? Who are you ? Scammer? Why are you trying to stop people from getting some ass. I just found out about this site a few days ago. Noooo see you're the scammer and trying to stop someone from getting some pussy. I was warned about you. You like to comment on ppl post who actually into some crazy shit and start drana. Ladies dont listen to this fuck . i just want to have a sexually conversation and get to know somenone personally and i feel everyone opens up on here. So this is the place to find happiness and truth. Im fucking horny by you ladies stories
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    I want to cum on your face

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