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    Straight Male / 28

    My wife has a vocal student who is an 18YO M. He's very girly looking and likes to wear make up, girls clothes, high heels and paint his nails etc. I never really thought anything of it.

    Last week he came round for his weekly lesson with my wife but she needed to pop out and said she'd be about 15/20 mins and asked me if I could look after him and make him feel welcome in the meantime.
    Pretty much the moment she left he was asking me lots of questions and talking to me a lot. We got on really well talking about each other and music but it took me a few minutes to realise what was happening, he was flirting with me pretty hard! Something came over me and I was really liking the attention to be honest. I've always thought I was straight but I was finding him pretty attractive in a girly kind of way. He has a nice girly body as well and as he kept flirting with me I kept checking his body out. After a few minutes of this he leans in and we start kissing. We kiss for a few seconds and then I pull away and say that it's weird and wrong. He stops me from leaving the room and basically batts his eyelashes and gives me a grin and says "Just go with it." This made me go wild inside and we kissed again and this time pretty passionately with tongue. I've never kissed a guy before that so I don't have anything to go by but he was a great kisser, thats for sure!
    While we are kissing he starts to slide his hands down my chest and undo my trousers! He undoes the fly and the zipper and I'm terrified! I say that we can't and that my wife will be back soon. He says that we have time and doe's that same move, batts his eyelashes and smirks at me and I fucking MELT this time! At this point he goes over to his laptop which he uses to play the songs he's learning and puts a song on and its Breathin' by Ariana Grande, for some reason this turned me on even more. He did it so confidently!
    By this point I'm hard as a rock and he pulls my dick out and starts sucking and licking the head of my dick. My dick isn't huge, probably somewhere between 6 and 7 inches tops but within seconds he's deepthroating me EASILY and confidently. He was giving me loads of sexy eye contact, giving me the best head i've ever had by a long way!

    I look down at him going to town on my dick, squatting on the floor with his high heels on, his made up face and painted black nails wrapped around my cock, jerking me off while sucking me, and it's making me so fucking turned on!
    He keeps on for about 5/10 minutes and then he says something that sends me over the edge! He takes my cock out of his mouth and pulls that same smug face that melts me and starts saying things like "Do I suck dick better than your wife?" and "Can your little wifey do that?" This pretty much sends me over the edge and I feel a wave of pleasure come over me and in the heat of the moment I go along with it, nodding when he asks if he's better than my wife. He then starts jerking me of really slowly. He looks up and me with that look again and says "Say it." I'm totally in the moment now and I say it out loud! I couldn't believe I was saying it out loud!
    At this point I tell him i'm gonna cum and I say I'll get a tissue and he says he wants me to go on his face. I've never gone on anyones face before so it was a new one for me. He jerks me of really fast and starts begging for the cum and talking dirty. I explode all over his face and in his eyelashes! He stands up, opens his eyes and looks at me and says "That was quick, was I that good?" I can't fucking take how hot it all is and I kiss him with all my cum on his face! I didn't get much on me but we both cleaned up after and had a couple of minutes to exchange numbers and chat before my wife got back!

    That happened last week and we've been messaging a lot. He keeps telling me he wants me to fuck him and sending me sexy pictures of him at all times of day. I've almost been caught a couple of times by my wife! I've told him to be more discreet and he told me he knows I want him more than my wife and doesn't care if she finds out. I love this boys confidence and it's a real turn on. He's really got me wrapped around his finger and he knows it, which is weirdly more of a turn on for me. We are trying to arrange a time to meet at a hotel or something now for more fun. I feel guilty but I go wild inside when I think about it and to be honest I can't wait.

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    So basically you are a cock sucking cum guzzler and this story is bullshit.
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    Well, either no 1 is right or you're as queer as q three dollar bill.

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