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    Straight Male / 40

    My daughter and I share a secret that until now I've never shared with anyone but, I feel like I can't tell my wife so I'm venting here.

    She just had her 14th birthday and I we decided to take her to dinner and a ball game but at the last minute my wife got busy with clients and couldn't go so it was just the two of us.

    We got to the ball park late so there was no parking so I had to park on a side street. The game was long and ended later than normal. When we were walking back and turned down the street it was dark and mine was the only car. We got to it and before we could get in, two guys confronted us. One behind her and the other behind me. Both guys looked like dingy white druggies.

    One say in the front seat and the other with the gun sat in the back with my daughter and they made us drive to a house and go in.

    I assumed that they would take my money, phone, car etc. but, I was mistaken.

    The guy without a gun ended up being the one in charge. He made her take off her top exposing her breasts then he pulled his pants down and showed her his dick and began stroking it. Next he made her play with it while he touched her breasts.

    After a few minutes of this he said he wanted more. He told her he wanted her lips around it. I yelled no and just asked him to cum and let us get the fuck out of there but he held his ground.

    Finally I said let me do it. Apparently he just wanted a blowjob and didn't care who gave it to him. I exchanged places with her and knelt in front of him.

    I had no idea what to do and my daughter was no help because she didn't know either so I just tried to emulate my wife. I spit on my hand then grabbed his thing. He was already hard. I hesitated so he grabbed my head and guided his dick towards me. His dick was terrible like he hadn't bathed that day.

    My first thought was that I wish this was her so she would not want to suck any dicks until she was older but then I knew that this would ruin oral sex for her and future partners.

    I know what makes me cum fast so that's what I did. I sucked, stroked and played with his balls. He came pretty fast. He maybe was a smoker, drinker and whatever else because it tasted horrible. However, I have no real means for comparison other than my wife saying that she likes mine.

    He let go of me and slumped back onto the couch. The guy with the gun threw my keys at me and told us to get the fuck out of here and never attempt to find them or next time he will make sure that the daughter does all the work while I watch. He wouldn't let her take her shirt so when we got to the car I gave her mine.

    We drove drove a mile or so and I stopped the car and got out and puked. The next day we told Mom that the game was late so we got a late night dinner. We have never spoken of it since.

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    So normal. Wrong but normal. Guys can get so horny they --- we lose all perspective.
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    Bullshit story from a cum drinking cock sucker

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