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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have fantacised about my wife having sex with a black man for several years. She has kidded me about fucking black men and knows it turns me on.
    So for our anniversary I booked a vacation at Hedonism II in Ocho Rios Jamaica. We both knew she would be fucked by at least one black Jamaican while there. It was on our first night that she was seduced on the dance floor, her clothes removed (many people were naked) and she was fucked right there in front of everyone. She had 2 wild orgasms and I loved watching her. She was not the only woman fucked on the dance floor. I jerked off under the table watching. It was fantastic.
    Now, back home, after her being fucked by 6 or 7 Jamaicans, she only wants black men now. I am a happy horny cuckold who beats his meat every day. I love cleaning her pussy after she has sex in our bed. I must be a sicky! But I love it.

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    Married guys will mever learn. Once they get something different from anyone else, black or white, its hard to bring them back to you...

    I've been on the something different side. Once you can convince them to cheat it's pretty easy from there.

    And the amazing part is, sometimes their hubby's want them too. WTF are you thinking??!? Lol.
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    Be careful, she will now ride cock on trips with girls, thinking your ok with it.. And worse, cocks of friends without telling you.
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    Reply #2 is right.
    Most women would do this anyway.
    If they even THINK you are ok with it, they will fuck everything in sight.
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    But what is the problem, if she always comes back?

    You did the mistake that you were assholes and your wifes left you.

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