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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    When I was 10 I would spend weekends at an uncle's house and one day I stumbled upon his porn magazines. It was all straight porn, but I remember loving everything about it. Her ass, pussy and tits; his dick and balls... and that weird "white pipi" the guys always made over the girls' faces or tits. So, I took 3 magazines home (of course my uncle knew it was me, but never said anything to this day) and started sharing then with my friends.

    Jump to when I was 12. I was still sharing the magazines with friends and by now we all knew about jerking off and how good cumming felt, but never had any experiences among us (mainly because the only guy that also liked dick was me). When someone wanted to jerk off to the magazines, he'd go inside a tool shed behind my house and nobody would see or hear anything.

    Turns out one of my friends told his older brother about the magazines and one day I was at their house and he quietly asked me if he could see them. I had no reason to deny it, so we went to my house and he got in the shed with the magazines. He was a lot more experienced than us (he was 16, to us he was very old) and I could hear him softly moan while jerking. This was the first time my cock got hard because of someone else.

    Now I had the urge to see what he was doing that was so good and tried to spy on him through some crack in the shed's wall. He caught me, but instead of getting mad he asked if I could come in and hold the magazine so he could cum faster. I open the door and this white buff is standing there totally naked, with a magazine in one hand and the biggest cock I've ever seen (I laugh at this today because now I know it was probably under 6 inches) pointing towards his 6-pack. His balls were hanging low, as if full of cum, and a precum string was starting to form.

    He wanted to jerk sitting on a bench attached to the wall near the door of the shed, so I had to go around him and sit on a wooden log in front of him. The shed was tight, so I felt his cock head thrust on me when I was passing and he said "sorry"... I wasn't. This "collab" happens some 3 or 4 more times until one day I couldn't hold anymore and asked him something that would generate an awkward silence:


    After some weird faces by his part and a lot of "what the hell did I just do?" thoughts by mine he agreed and I started jerking him without any slightly clue of how to do it. Holding someone's cock for the first time felt amazing and I was very into it. I was even gathering courage to ask if I could try to suck it, but he came before I had the guts. He never went back after this, but I didn't have the awareness to feel sad and even if I did I wouldn't have to for it.

    But I guess he told his friend and one fine day this black guy appears and tells me he knew about the magazines and what I did for "some guy" in the shed.


    Wh y not? Holding magazines and jerking cocks wasn't a big deal for me anyway. And he was most likely the same age as the other one (he was actually 17), so... Yes, I agreed.


    A hn... Ok, I guess? In the shed we go.

    First thing he does is look for something to put on the floor. "It feels much better laying down", he says. Ok, what do I know? Then he undresses... Didn't have a 6-pack, but the body was nice. His cock was still soft, but his balls were bigger than the other guy's and hanged from his body. He lays down and asks me to take my clothes off, grab the magazines and lay next to him. I obey. He shows me pics and asks if I'd like to do that. Jerking? Yes. Sucking? Yes. Cum on face / in mouth? Sure. Anal? Maybe a little later, I still didn't know how a cock could go in there as the pictures showed.

    He then shows me how to tease him, to fondle his balls and caress his cock. It starts growing and when it's fully hard it looks bigger than the other guy's (he tells me later it's a 7-incher). My cock was hard too, but I realized I wasn't that big and that all men must have different cock sizes and that it changes until you hit adulthood (I'm a happy 7-incher myself today).


    Ok. It tastes nice, a little different than the previous one but still like a cock. I manage to go about 3 inches down on it when he tells me to stay still while he'd move. Sure it's easy for me to do it today, but back then it was a gagging festival every time he pushed his cock in (even though he never did it rough). I suck for a few minutes, then he fucks my mouth and I suck again for some good 20 minutes.


    I do that. He looks in heaven. Before I can prepare he announces he's coming. He pulls his cock off my mouth and unloads over my face. I feel like I'm coming too, but couldn't see a thing. His cock starts to soften a little, but it wasn't over. He ended it all by pissing over my body while I was still on my knees. It was weird, but he'd explain to me later that a lot of people do it and other weird stuff in sex. Luckily there was a tap with an attached hose outside the shed and I could remove the smell of piss from my body before we parted ways.

    We did stuff like this for a few weeks before he even touched the anal subject. One day he lubbed my ass with his spit, grabbed me and told me to wrap my legs around his waist while he slowly let me down on his cock. We tried, but it wouldn't fit and just him pressing his cock head against my hole would hurt a lot. He never wanted to try again until I asked him to take my anal virginity when I was 15 (and also dating a girl).

    In retrospect, I was lucky nobody ever forced me to do anything I didn't want and all experiences were started by me or with my consent. This prevented me from having the terrible problems victims of r**e have to live with. It saddens me a lot that people don't know (or opt for "forgetting") no means no. I married a bi woman in 2007 and we had a lot of fun while it lasted. Today I'm in a 2 year relationship with a beautiful pre-op trans woman and lead a monogamous sex life.

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    Grew up with an older boy that lived close by for several years. My parents liked him and didn't mind me me being around him and we were always around one another and I trusted him and we always did what he wanted to do and it was fine with me.
    I didn't think much about it the first time he asked if I would take my pants down with him. He went first and once I saw his dick and watched him play with it I just followed right along and that afternoon I jacked him off and he talked me in to taking a taste of his cum and told me it was good for me.
    No to long after hat I was sucking his dick almost every day and it was pretty exciting to bring him so much pleasure and it just seemed like the right thing to do when he came in my mouth and I would swallow it and make him feel good. Eventually he started to fuck me and it was very painful at first and it took quite a few tries before he could enter me and even longer before I was able to take it all in my tight young ass but once I did it felt so good to be fucked and often and at first would pull out and cum in the crack of my ass then hump my ass.
    I will never forget that first time he was fucking me in the ass and it was really good for both of us and he kept telling me it felt good and asking me if I liked it. Next thing I felt was his cock explode in my ass with his bloated nuts smashed against mine as he held me tight with his arms grunting and groaning thrusting his hard dick up my ass moaning out loud Oh yes! Oh yes! I got just as exited as he did and was hoping it would last all day.
    He never really stopped and fucked me really hard for a very long time talking to me excited me even more and by the time he got off a second time deep in my ass I almost passed out and from that day on I was always asking him to fuck me and for 8 years or so he fucked the hell out of me and more than once he invited a friend of his to fuck me and I didn't mind at all. Still to this day I enjoy a good hard fuck in the ass and my wife and I have a nice collection of strap on toys and I like playing with my ass and will stick almost anything up my ass just because it feels so damn good.
    Wife and I have one very life like rubber strap on cock that is a very thick 9" with a huge head that is our favorite and it will shoot a lot of hot thick fake cum and I enjoy taking as many loads as the Wife wants to put in my ass. I really enjoy anal and have for many years.

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