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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Uber driver surprise

    I'm a divorced, bisexual corporate executive who travels frequently. Before I felt for a weeks trip I dropped my car off for service which I planned to pick up Saturday morning. MY office had arranged for an Uber driver to pick me up at the airport for my 34 minute ride home. My flight was a little late, so I was concerned the driver would be waiting for me. Sure enought as I walked out of baggage claim there stood a guy with a sign with my name. As I walked toward him I realized he was a guy who attended my son's high school. We greeated and walked to his car where I slipped into the front passrnger seat.

    We had not seen each other in over 4 years so hw caught up in his life and, to my surprise, had been in contact with my son. Both had graduated college last fall and he was working Uber while in grad school while my son was working back east. I am not attraced to younger guys, but his hairy legs and magnetic smile had my balls churning. When he said, "I bet the hot chicks are all over you, dince you got divorce." That comment surprised me, but opened the door and I told him, "not as much as I wish. However, if its willing, with a wet hole I am game." "Any wet hole," He said, and I said, "I rather has a blow job that pussy and rather has tight ass then pussy." He said, Mr X your a gay gays wet dream." I said, "no reflection to gay guys, perhaps a bisexual man."

    Dead silence as he answered his phone but when he finsihed he said, "you let bi men blow you?" I said, "not that I want you to tell me son, but YES. OH HELL YES!" He said, "I;ve been driving for Huber for a year and you would bne sorprised at the business men I pick up who hit on me." I said, "your a good looking guy, I can beleivw that." He got another call which took some time. Now, we are 15 minutes from my house when he hangs up and said, "I am not taking any more calls tonight. I'm ready for a beer and and some action, so I best get to the bars before last call."

    I was really having a battle between offering him s beer or just going in my house. I mean, he and my son went to school together and are acquaintances. I said, "well, I wish you luck. I'm going in for a beer and jacking off."
    He said, "Ican take care if it for you, Mr X." I was frozen with desire and pure fear. That is when I felt his hand gropping my hard dick down my left pants leg. When he felt it, he said, "take it out and let my jack it." I did and he grabber it jacking me the last fe minutes.

    We went into the house and I went to the kitchen to get us a beer and when I came back in the family room he was on his knees with his mouth open, his tongue licking his lips. I walked up ad he unzipped my pants pulling out my hard dick and swallowed it down his throat. I set the beers on the coffee table and he plaecd my hands on the sides of his head. I knew that meant for me to fuck his face and that is exactly what I did. Somehow my pants got undone and were around my ankels one of his hands between my legs on my hips pullting my toward him, but not before he said, "Fuck my mouth with a vengence, Mr X. Fuck my so hard you make me choked and tears runs down my face.

    I did my best but he kept pulling off to aske me - when I got my last blow job from a man, did I lick seeing my dick going in and out his mouth? Had I ever been in a 3 sum with all men and had I ever sucked a dick. I knew he liked dirty, kinky talk and that was right up my alley. He stood up as he was pushing his shorts to the floor while I knelt to suck his hard, drooling dick. I was shocked at how dirty and kinky he was talking to me and I was excited.

    Somehow we made it to my bedroom where I laid him on his back with his ass at the foot of the bed. His legs up and my face buried in his ass while he groaned and cussed. I put a finger him his ass as her scremed, "FUCK ME LIKE I'M A SATURDAY NIGHT WHORE." I got some lube ad condoms out of the night stand and as I walked back to the foot of the bed he was on his knees sucking my balls and dick while I Called him everything but a saint.

    He was so hot he was gasping for breath when he laided on his back and I shoved my dick in his ass all the way to the pubs. HIs legs on my chest I was power fucking his jock ass whiile he talked nasty and told me about how he lived it in his ass and he wanted tag teamed again. Seems in co pllege he took on 7, including 3 football players and a professor. Suddenly screamed as his cock shot cum all the way to his face. He asked me to take off the condum and shoot in his mouth, which I did. I used my fingers to push his own cum into his mouth and mine too.

    We went to the shower where we sucked each other again before we went to bed. He woke me the next morning sucking my dick. He took me to get my car on his way home. As he got out of the car he asked, "I am the first guy your sons age you fucked?" I said, "yes, but I hope its not a one time event."

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    I had been having sex with a guy for over a year when he told me his dad was bi and invited me jpinm them. Watching a son suck his dad was the most intense sex of my life. Everytime we got together I would shoot the largest loads and blow them half way across the room and never loose a hard on.

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