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    Straight Male / 36

    A co-worker in my company, Dan, and I became friends and would meet for lunch most days. After a year or so when I felt confident in my association with him, he confessed that his daughter, Emily, had seduced him. He explained it all in some detail and I did not judge him but asked why he had told me.

    He said it has been going on for three years and his guilt was eating him up. He wanted to know if I could intervene and tell her why what was going on was wrong. He talked to her and she accepted a meeting for the three of us. When I met her I found it difficult to believe that she was 19 so I asked to see her driver's license. She said she understood and showed it to me.

    Physically, she still looked very young but as I quickly learned, she had a first rate mind. She convinced me that her choice of her dad was the only one to keep her away from unwanted relationship that might screw up her college studies. We spoke of her dad's guilt and found that the issue was complex and seemed to have no terminal point. She was blunt and said that something was driving her sexually and she needed a man she liked fucking her steadily to maintain a "balance" she spoke about needing.

    Far from a psychologist, I had nowhere to go with the issue. Emily bluntly came and and asked if I would consider taking her father's place as a sexual surrogate. After a long talk with my friend, Dan, we agreed to try it. I was set aback a little by the fact that we were all treating the issue so clinically when I never gave a single thought of sex as anything clinical. Emily and I ended up in her little bedroom with her roommate out of the apartment. We disrobed and it was then that I first felt inklings of lust for Emily even though she had such a young appearance, mostly because her breasts were undeveloped.

    Emily was on her back nude, her legs spread wide and with no foreplay, asked me to "go ahead". Already erect, I slid my cock into her vagina, already soaked. She clamped on with her arms and began rapid pelvic thrusts that were bringing on a climax so I told her to slow down and she did. Since then she and I have become lust partners and I have successfully replaced Dan. I noticed the times when I would meet her mother and receives long, "knowing" looks from her so I asked Emily to keep our relationship confidential and she told me that her mother knows everything. It had been she who instigated the father's involvement in the first place.

    Suddenly I knew that being with her mother was not a question. What is a question was when. I'm not at all sure about that possible complication.

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    Is there never any foreplay with Emily? She gets wet on her own and you climb on like a well trained dog?
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    Why do you assume a roll in the hay with her mother is inevitable? Has Emily made some remark about you being bigger or better than her dad that you're sure has been passed along to her mom?

    Is there any loose talk or touchy feely stuff directed at you from her mom? What signs are you seeing that lead you to believe you'll be servicing her too in the near future?
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    This is so wrong, why would any mother instigate a relationship between her daughter and her daughters farther!?! That is not logic. And why would any father go along with it? And why are you turned on by her underdeveloped breasts? This is just abuse and outright p***ophilia! Don't imply that because someone has a quick mind that it is ok to abuse them. The daughter was groomed by her parents. Your twisted outlook on it is insane. Your portraying this as if you're somehow not the predator that you clearly are. This is not a website for p***ophilia.
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    Reading is fundamental. If you read for the context and not just the sex, you pick up on little things like Emily not wanting a relationship that would screw with her college studies. Or maybe the fact that she has an apartment and a roommate. Those hint strongly that Emily is of age.

    OP's reaction to the tiny titties is a marginal thing in screaming Pedo! But there are plenty of guys out there who like small tits. I'm not one of them but I'm told they exist.

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