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    My ex-girlfriend and I used to watch porn involving animals. She was way more into it than I was, but I was okay watching it because how insanely horny she got after watching it. She loved watching dogs fuck some chick and loved when they came in her.

    She'd get all worked up and want to try crazy shit all the time. We loved fucking in places where we could get caught. Or on webcam in front of people. She would let me fuck her ass while she held the camera close so everyone had a good view.

    She also used to enjoy walking around town with cum on her face. Thats something else we watched before. I actually liked that. Just knowing that people seen it, and knew my cum was all over her face.

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    I fucked a 42 year old divorced mom who got crazy telling me about being marred to a rancher. She rode naked on the horse, played with the geldings cock, and felt sorry he couldn't cum, but still rubbed it half hard. She would let the farm dog fuck her in the barn. She would get soaking wet and fuck like a crazy slut when I let her talk.

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