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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    When one hears about sex activity, especially in families, it seems taboo and so forth but when it happens it's not so weird. My older sister, Missy and I, had what one might call close to but not quite (in my opinion)INCEST. Uncle Alan is dad's younger brother and although dad is 11 years older they are very close.

    Alan sometimes stayed with us for a few days when he was in town on business and Missy was 14 and I was 13. When Uncle Alan was out in the field for his job, Missy always jumped on his computer in search of his porn files. She found some and showed them to me so we learned about a representation of sexuality at about the right age because our bodies were changing and Missy and I began to masturbate. We even had races to see who would reach climax first. It was all normal to us and no one told us differently.

    Uncl e Alan noticed his computer files and instantly knew someone was checking them out and he quickly suspected
    Missy so he asked her and she admitted that she had done it and had a lot of questions. Alan informed dad, his brother, what was going on and dad suggested that Alan become our data source on sex and tell us the difference between what we saw in Alan's cache and what was real. Missy and I became excited and we were all for lessons.

    in time, Missy became bold and demanding and she wanted to see Uncle Alan masturbate and ejaculate in "real life."
    Dad said it was o.k. but there was to be no "touching." In time, that rule fell by the wayside and both Missy and I got to masturbate Uncle Alan until he came. Then Missy said she wanted to experience fucking with a real penis like the hard one on Alan. Alan said, "Absolutely not" and he told dad. Dad shocked us all by saying that Missy and I could both fuck uncle Alan when we turned 16. Apparently, he assumed that Missy and I would forget about it. We did not. We counted the days, and when our time came, we both turned over our virginities to Uncle Alan despite his protests and attempts to have us wait until we met "the right man."

    Missy and I have never regretted it and it remains our secret.

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