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    Gay Male / 52

    I am old and senile. I don't put up with nonsense and have a hard time with liberal idiots. I also am a cock sucker and a sissy, which is not what you would expect from a red neck Republican asshole.

    This isn't a new thing, I have been a cock sucker since I was spending the summers on my Grandfather's farm. I started sucking cock with the man who helped my Grandfather, I guess I was fourteen at the time. I guess I should add that I also liked getting laid by him. Back then you didn't talk about being gay or even queer, I was just a sissy who liked cock and being the girl. My Grandfather called me a sissy because I hung out with my Grandmother and didn't much want to be outside but I am pretty sure he knew I was sucking cock. I learned to hide it in high school and I played baseball in high school and I dated this girl who wanted to get married but I got out of it by joining the Coast Guard.

    I learned electronics during my four years in the Coast Guard. I kept my identity under cover because on board a ship you can't really hide so mostly it was when we had shore leave that I went out and found a club where I could be a sissy and get laid. At most of these clubs you could tell the cocksuckers because their pants were dirty from getting down on their knees outback to suck cock. There was also a light pole or a fence post out back that you hung onto when you were a sissy and got it up the ass. I guess being a nineteen year old sailor helped land a cock and a trip out to the fence post. Those old men loved sailors.

    After my term of service I went to night school and got a certification in electronics and went to work for Boeing until I retired. I spent a whole lot of years surrounded by liberal assholes and when I retired I moved back to Georgia to be around my own kind. I travel a bit, to Florida mostly where I can hook up with an asshole and go for it. I am a big cock sucker now and I am pretty familiar with the right bars to hang out in. I have a travel trailer that I pull and set up at an RV park and rock the night away. In my business I run into a whole lot of liberal assholes so I have to keep my voting preferences to myself. God knows how much liberal cum I have had shoved down my throat, but I still vote Republican and I always salute the flag when I am sucking on a liberal's cock.

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    You are also weird.
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    You are not weird. I'm 77, married, white, Republican and an avid cock sucker... when I can get it. You're my new hero. Thanks.
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    Yesterday His Majesty the President was in town. I sat there looking at him and wondering what it would be like to suck the cock of the most powerful man in the world. In that sense I envy Monica, she sucked President Cock.

    I wore my MAGA hat, waved the flag, clapped and screamed for him. After the rally I went to Gaylandia and picked up a young guy for 150 bucks and made him sing the National Anthem with my cock up his ass. Cost me a bit extra, but hearing him sing whit a Republican cock in his ass was worth it.

    VOTE Republican and keep the Democrats out of office.
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    "I also am a cock sucker and a sissy, which is not what you would expect from a red neck Republican asshole." No, that's exactly what I'd expect.

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