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    I worked with a divorced woman from California. She was 58 at the time and I was 61 at the time and being the two oldest members of the staff we sort of got along. I had been divorced for ten years and she had been divorced for twenty five. Both of us had put on weight, but she was obviously a woman who had been a looker when she was young, and her pictures of her teen years as cheer leader told the story.

    I guess when you get older you are bit more open and that one day I told her that her sweater really got to me, she had wonderful breasts and her nipples were clearly seen under the sweater. She was embarrassed but her nipples got harder and I told her I was going to touch them and I put my fingers on her nipples. I told her that the whole thing was making me hard too and she could touch to make sure. So there we stood she had her hand on my growing hard cock and I put my hands under her breasts and lifted them. I don't think I had been hard like that at work for thirty years. We went into the server room and groped and kissed, I told her I wanted to get my hand up under her dress because I hadn't felt a pussy in a long long time, she lifted her dress up high and I grabbed her pussy and felt her up as hard as I could. Two old people making out in the server room made us laugh and we agreed to break it off and go to lunch.

    This woman was from California, she was far more uninhibited than I was, she loved sucking cock and having sex and she liked to cook. In time I got the other side of her, she was a bit of bitch when she didn't get her way and she liked being in charge, she liked controlling sex and she sucked you off to get you hard and then denied you her pussy until you got pissed off enough to force her to give it to you. I suppose that in earlier times she would have been a tease. It took several weeks for me to figure out that the only way to fuck her was to turn the tables on her and force her down and fuck her, no making love, no eating her out, just fuck her and shut her up.

    We had sex or we fucked a lot, it got to be a weekend thing, she liked the theater so I went with her as her date, I ended up buying her another car because the one she was driving needed to go away. From time to time she would get dirty and we would use chocolate syrup or whipped cream or strawberries to eat her pussy. She had all these things from the seventies that she liked, the mini dresses, the shoes, the hair style. Although time had passed, she did a good job of dressing up, the clothes fit and somehow they looked good on her. And she was a steady cock sucker, and a tease and it became a contest and she had to be thrown on her back on the carpet and fucked while she tried to fight it off.

    The lust lasted a good long time, months really and then she gave me the ultimatum, get married or we had to cut it off. Truthfully I was into the lust part, I had an ex wife with alimony, kids with child support, one in college and another one about to start and getting married wasn't really how I saw her. But the pussy door was closed, the cock sucking was over and no ring, no marriage, no more pussy.

    We went down to the jewelry store and she picked out an expensive solitaire and expensive bands, she chose a place that was overly expensive for the ceremony and the reception, she gave me her car and drove my Mercedes, she asked for a ten thousand deposit into her account and only after all that, after the ceremony did the pussy door open again. Her pussy, her mouth, her tits, she is all California girl and when she gets to teasing she gets fucked hard on the floor or the couch or the bed or against the kitchen counter, she has had to take it on the bathroom tile floor. I guess that when you get older being pussy whipped is a way to go, and for her getting force fucked is the way to go. I get looks, nasty mad looks after she gets fucked, but otherwise she wins and I don't like to lose.

    It's not a contest, she just got trained wrong when she was young and now I have to break her of her bad habit, it really pisses me off when she starts to deny me her pussy, and now that it is bought and paid for and it pisses me off even more.

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