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    Straight Male / 52

    I lived in an area of an English city which had quite a mixed population of whites, West Indians and Asians. There was a black West Indian couple who lived near me, with whom I was fairly friendly. His name was Johnny, his wife was called Marie. I had a Scottish girlfriend for several years, but we split up. The year after we split up I met a pretty black woman from Zimbabwe, and we were together for about a year, then went our separate ways. The sex had been okay, but nothing special. One day I met Johnny in the street as I was parking my car. He said "Oh, I don't see (well, let's call her 'Jean') any more." I said "No, we had a disagreement and we split up." "I didn't even know you liked black women", he said. I didn't really know what to say - so the polite thing was just to say 'Oh, yes, of course I do." "D'you like Marie?" he said. Now, Marie was a very attractive women, in a kind of demure and respectable way, but this conversation was unnerving me a bit, as she was his wife after all, so I said 'Oh, well, yes of course, I mean I really like her, but you know, as a person of course." ""But don't you think she's really sexy?" he asked. "Well, yes, since you're asking, I do." This was true - there was something very alluring about Marie. "Maybe you could do with a replacement for Jean," he said, "and you know Marie and I would be prepared to help you out." I thought he meant that they knew a black woman who was looking for a boyfriend, and since I hadn't found anyone else I said 'Oh thanks, that's kind of you."

    "I'll tell what, can you come round on Friday night, about nine o'clock?" he said. "Yes, sure," I said, a bit uncertain, about what was supposed to be happening but since I knew them both well and liked them both I was quite happy. So I went round on Friday evening, and Marie answered the door, very smiley. She invited me in and gave me a glass of red wine. She told me Johnny was out, but would be back later. I was expecting some other woman to show up, but after ten minutes she excused herself and left the room. I sat there alone watching TV and sipping my drink. A bit later the door opened and a black woman in stiletto heels, a white thong, black stockings and suspender belt and a black bra and nothing else at all came in. My jaw dropped as she smiled at me - and for a few seconds I didn't even recognise that it was Marie - and when I did my jaw dropped even further. She laughed when she saw the look on my face.

    "You look shocked!" she said. "Have I gone too far?" I was gawping at her very nice figure, and I was beginning to feel movement in nether regions, but I was torn between wanting to grab her and fuck the ass off her and total shock, as this was the last thing I had expected, having always steered clear of entanglements with other men's women previously. She turned as if to leave displaying her fantastic ass as she did so. "To tell the truth Marie, I just want to grab you and cover you with kisses," I said. "Go ahead then," she said. I stood up and we kissed. I began feeling her lovely body, and began trying to remove her clothes. "Wait," she said, and took my hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom. I only had time to register that the lights in the room were all on and there was a kind of small annex room whose door was open. We laid on the bed, and gradually I took her thong off, got her tits out of her bra, and got her moaning by titillating her clitoris.

    'What about Johnny?" I said, and she said "Don't even think about him, he'll be fine." I pushed her legs back, and had a long, slow, luxurious fuck. She kept saying "D'you like it baby? Is this alright?" and she locked her legs behind my back. She said 'Oh my God, I'm coming," and then obviously did so. "Tell me when you're going to come inside me," she said, and only about thirty seconds later I said "I'm going to come!" "Tell me you're coming inside me!" she said again, and as I came I said "I'm coming inside you!" I was a bit surprised by this conversation, never having experienced anything like it before, but it had been a great fuck. So I rolled onto my back, and was about to put my arm over my eyes, when I saw Johnny standing in the doorway of the annex room. I realised that she had been talking to him too. I was really shocked though, until he started laughing and said "You've never done anything like this before, have you?" Trying not show how relieved I was that he wasn't going to kill me, I said 'No, I haven't." 'Neither have we," he said, "but we talked about it for a while, and decided you would be the best person to try it with."

    I lived in that area for two more years - and I didn't get a girlfriend in that time, because about twice a week I would go round and fuck Marie, while Johnny watched. Sometimes he would wank off while watching, sometimes he would fuck Marie afterwards, or she'd give him a blowjob. Sometimes she'd suck my cock until it was hard, which he also liked to watch.

    I moved away, and I never saw them again, and never got involved with anything like that again. Now I live in Lusaka Zambia where there are hundreds of spectacular black woman - and I only wish I could find another one who has a husband like Johnny.

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