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    Straight Female / 28

    This happened in 2002 when I stayed with my grandmother that summer in Perth Amboy. I had just turned 12 and Jeremy was the kid who lived next door to my grandmother's house. He was 15 or 16 then and I was allowed to swim in their pool. His dad worked everyday and his mom worked part time somewhere and wasn't home lots of times. The back porch was like a cabana and Jeremy would give me soda and pop cycles all the time. I only knew him for a couple weeks and one day he said he had to jerk off. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about so when he asked if I wanted to watch him I said ok or just yes. He just told me I had to promise not to tell my grandmother and I did. He then stood up and took off his bathing trunks and began putting some kind of lotion on his penis. I never saw a naked boy his age before and the main thing I remember but laugh about now is that he had pubic hair. He stood right in front of me and masturbated and I even asked him what his semen was once he ejaculated. He told me it was cum and said he jerks off all the time because it feels good. By the middle of the summer he would have me sit down and put his penis right in front of me showing me his balls and would even bend over to let me see his anus. Then he started asking me if I wanted to do it for him and I think the first time I jerked him off was in the first week of that August. By then he would lay down on the lounge chair and I would knell down beside him and jerk him off. By the end of August I went back home and have never seen him again. I remember asking my grandmom about him once a couple years later and she said they moved. I doubt I ever realized how this guy took advantage of me until I was about 14. I never did tell anyone about it except for one of my girlfriends recently. He never did try to touch me or ever try to have me undress. At the time if I remember it well I am sure it was fun for me. After all it was Jeremy who was naked all the time. I didn't really mind holding his penis and jerking him off and how he liked me doing it for him. He even had me play with his scrotum at times as I was doing it and thought that was fun. Now I know what a complete idiot I was.

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    A child who is sexually m****ted by an older person is not an idiot but a victim.
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    No victim, idiot yes!

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