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    Straight Male / 26

    In January 2018 I was in a family vacation in Brazil. We agreed on joining our finances and renting this beautiful beach house in a wonderful city. I don't know if you've ever been to Brazil, but their summer is extremely hot (we had temperatures above 104F almost every day) and unless you need to go somewhere you'll be wearing nothing but light shirts and shorts. As we were literally in the beach, we guys would spend our days shirtless and in swimming shorts (those are so thin everybody can see your cock after you come out of the water).

    Now, girls are another extremely hot situation in Brazil and the brazilian bikinis leave very little to the imagination. And those asses on them, oh my God! For me it was very hard to resist them because I wasn't in a relationship and apart from my niece I was the only one alone there. I also wasn't very fluent in Portuguese and most brazilians don't speak other languages, so it was very hard to get someone to fuck. I often ended up jerking off in the shower twice a day (you'll need two showers a day in their summer, believe me).

    One particularly hot afternoon I decided to take a nap on a couch in the living room because there I could feel a fresh breeze coming from the beach. I probably dreamed about brazilian girls, because I woke up with my cock as hard as a rock. To my surprise there was my niece sitting in a couch by the foot of mine, using the TV to play some game. She's 17 and very outspoken, so the first thing I hear is "it must've been a very hot dream, huh?". I was so embarassed! Even more because I realised these brazilian swin shorts are just a piece of thin cloth without anything to hide your parts under it and there I was totally hard for God knows how long! It took me a few hours, but I decided to let go. I had nothing to be ashamed of my cock or my sexuality and my niece was grown enough to know what goes on in that area.

    Later that night we all went to sleep and all fans in the house were on. Some time after 2 am someone knocks at my door and it's my niece in her brazilian bikini. She says her fan stopped working and asks if she could stay with me for the night just to avoid the heat. Well, all our beds were double beds and I saw nothing wrong with that. I was a little asleep yet, but unintentionally saw her bend over the bed to straighten her pillow and her bikini move further in her crack. She says "damn it, this thing is always riding up my ass, sorry". No big deal, I just wanted to sleep.

    Some time later I was sleeping facing her and I felt her body slowly press against mine until we were spooning. I woke up immediately, but didn't move or say a word. I knew that was wrong and that she was probably just sleeping, but my cock got hard instantly. There I was with my cock drooling and her ass pressing against it when I felt her reach around. That's it, she caught me and would make a scandal to wake the whole house! But no, she just gently pulled my cock out of my shorts and then positioned it right in the middle of her crack. I couldn't help but let my cock twitch and drool like crazy.

    By now it was very clear we were both awake and aware of what was going on. I then moved my hand right over her firm, young tits and played with her nipples. She responded by preasing her ass even more against my cock and letting it slide towards her pussy. As it was clear I wouldn't resist entering it, she broke the silence to whisper "only dry sex, please". That would be a turn off anywhere else, but I was really needing to cum and her body felt really nice.

    Without a word, I turned her to lay on her belly and moved over her. Put my cock between her ass cheeks and started thrusting it up and down, speeding a little up from time to time. She was moaning in such a hot way that I had to say "please, let me fuck you for real". She was willing, but said "I can't, I'm not protected". Well, I let go really quick - a son is something I don't need right now, let alone an i****t son. My cock is kinda big for first timers in anal (she probably wouldn't go for it if I asked, anyway), so I let that go too. I asked if she wanted to suck, but she said she was very shy and wouldn't be able to face me that time. I keep thrusting and tell her I'm gonna cum, to what she says "cum for me" in the sexiest voice I've ever heard. I just came all over her back in a second after that.

    When things slowed down, silence returns. After a few minutes she gets up in the dark and say "I'm going back to my room, thanks for the night". I ask about her broken fan and she laughs, saying "I lied, silly... But I guarantee my fan will break a lot this summer". I never thought I'd feel so turned on by being deceived. Before she closes the door, she says "by the way, I'll be 18 in november... Maybe I'll let you in it".

    We managed to get the fans to break about 7 or 8 more times during summer and now I just can't wait for November!

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    They don't sell condoms and lube in Brazil? Did you give her oral during the vacation? Ever talk her into giving you some during the fan breakdowns?
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    They do sell condoms in Brazil, but why risk blowing it all? I mean, she was enjoying dry sex and maybe doing it for real would spoil the moment. I was happy I was having any kind of sex that didn't involve only my hand and my cock.

    She sucked me and I went down on her from the 4th time on, so we've been doing that every 2 weeks since then (she lives far from me). As for anal, we talked about later and she ruled it out. I'm just going to wait until she's 18 and then I'll wreck that little pussy.

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    What an utter pile of bullshit this whole story is
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    The dumb Trolls come on, read, then call out "bullshit" -- I guess that is how
    they get themselves off. If they bothered to read the instructions they would know that the site has been set up for folks to bullshit about sex. God loves morons...She made more of those than anyone else.
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    OP, Are you going to come back to the board and share details when you get the chance to fuck her properly? November isn't that far away, has she mentioned getting on birth control?
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    OP, how long until your niece's birthday? Any special plans for that weekend? You going to take her to a motel so you can take your time and wreck that tight teen pussy right? Has she gone on birth control so you can enjoy her bareback?
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    OP, November has come and gone. Did you get your chance to fuck her proper?

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