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    Straight Male / 48

    As far as I'm concerned my late wife was one of the sexiest women I ever knew, to me she had perfect sexy legs a great pair of tits and a dark hairy fanny, if I was to fantasise about a woman I wanted to shag then she would be similar to my late wife.

    We had a healthy sex life , sometimes though I felt like I couldn't fully satisfy her, as she seemed to want more than I could give her. She never complained or strayed though, and neither did I, stray that is, I never ever thought either of us would either, we both were a bit flirty though, but we never thought much about it to be honest, she liked to go out wearing short skirts and bare legs and high heels, also she would wear tops that displayed her ample tits, well if you got it and all that.

    We would go out for meals and then for a few drinks in a pub, and I could see men ogling her especially her legs, some would try and chat her up when I was at the bar or the toilet, even offering to buy her a drink. I even experienced guys saying to her can you get rid of the stiff I e me, and we can have a good time, my late wife just laughed at this.

    I asked her about this one day mostly out of curiosity, and she said if I was gonna cheat it wouldn't be in front of you, if I was gonna cheat it sure as hell would have to be worth my while, the thing is that was her, that was how she looked at it, she said I have sex on tap with you when ever I want it, so why the f**k would I want a quick f**k at the side of the road or in a car, that was her and I knew it.

    One night we were a bit pissed and I asked her if she would tell me her sex fantasy, she initially said she didn't have one, but then said I have often wondered what it would be like to get f**ked by a big cock particularly a black man's cock which was at least 9 inches hard, my dick is a modest 6 and a half fully standing, so I said why have you never tried to find out, she simply said I married you and, a fantasy is a fantasy but its not for life, which is real.

    She then said to me did I have any fantasies I said I have always wanted a threesome with two women much older than me, but like you I have never pursued this, because I am married to you, she then said what if it was possible for us both to fulfil our fantasy with the approval of each other, I remember saying to her, would it make our marriage better, or might we regret it, she said no matter what I'm yours til I die, with or without the fantasy.

    So we discussed this at length finally agreeing to look at sex contact sites, so we started looking most were exactly the same as the other , but we came across one which claimed it was for couples in a relationship who wanted to try and enrich their sex lives. This sounded exactly like what we were after, as it turned out it was.

    My late wife trawled through the list of coloured guys, looking for someone who fitted the bill of what she wanted, I did the same with women, we both found what we were looking for, so set about trying to make things happen, we both decided that the culmination of our search for our fantasy would take place at our home, I said that I would be scarce and go out til she phoned me to come home, likewise with her.

    As things turned out though it didn't quite work out as planned, because my late wife had opted for this coloured guy called Leroy who's cock was 9 and a half inches hard, and nearly 9 inches in circumference, but on the night he was coming to podger my Mrs she suddenly said to me that she was a bit scared so could I hang about, I reluctantly agreed, although I wasn't too happy about it.

    Leroy promptly arrived my Mrs had on a short denim skirt bare legs and a low cut black top and high heels, I could see by the way Leroy looked at her that he fancied the pants of her, she took him into the lounge where they had a couple of drinks, then my Mrs took his hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom I was in the spare room across the hall, my Mrs felt secure because I was there, I wasn't happy but I had agreed so that was that.

    Once in the bedroom my Mrs grabbed Leroys crotch and said to him ok big boy lets see what you've got, he grabbed her and promptly pulled her top up over her head, unclipped her bra and started sucking her lovely tits, I could see all this because my Mrs deliberately left the door open, he then unzipped her skirt and then pulled her panties down, after which he sunk two fingers in her wet fanny and started to finger fuck her, she meanwhile had unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts, and she started playing with his enormous cock, he became hard very quickly, he then bent down and started eating my wifes fanny like there was no tomorrow, she in turn started giving him a BJ.

    They both lay on the bed in the 69 position, my wife was moaning like f**k, after about 10 minutes Leroy positioned my Mrs on all fours and promptly rammed his enormous cock up her sodden wet fanny, which my Mrs screamed at as she exploded in orgasm, he shagged her like this for a good 20 minutes, in which time she had multiple orgasms, meanwhile my cock was straining in my pants to get out throbbing like f**k I knew I just had to get it out and wank myself silly til I exploded my load.

    After he had shagged my Mrs doggy style he started to shag her in the missionary position, my Mrs was gone by this time screaming obscenities and telling Leroy to bull her hard shag me stiff ride the arse of me fill my fanny with your thick hot creamy spunk, he rode her for at least another 20 minutes suddenly he said I cant hold back any longer and promptly shot his load deep into my wifes fanny he bucked at least 6 or 7 seven times while he filled her with his spunk , it was copius to say the least as it was running out down the side of his massive cock and down her thighs. By this time I had not been able to contain myself I stripped off went in and joined them and wanked my cock harder than I had ever done before, I came all over my wifes tits and face she licked up and swallowed what she could.

    Leroy shagged her again a short time later again pumping her full of spunk, it was her fantasy but it turned out to be the most erotic experience of both our lives, and I'm glad my Mrs talked me into it.

    As for my threesome with two older women that went ahead as planned too, and it was everything I thought it would be and more, my Mrs joined in, all I can say is my balls were ejaculating steam, by the time morning came around. We made this a regular thing with all 5 of us at least once a month, it was very enjoyable for both of us, my wife told me that the first time Leroy shagged her she thought she had died and gone to heaven, sadly that is hopefully where she now is as she passed away from cancer a few years ago.

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