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    First and foremost as a disclaimer I must admit when this started I was getting high. My running partner was my brother. We basically spent every day together using or figuring out how to use. I ended up getting clean, went to rehab and he didnât. He is constantly relapsing left and right. During our run together, we started acting out in different ways. Ways we never should have, near blackout states we ended up having sex, multiple times throughout our drug use. On one occasion I even let him film some of it. Worst/best mistake of my life, now clean for almost a year and a half I know how horrible it was to be having sex with my brother. At the same time itâs something that absolutely takes me somewhere I donât know how else to get. He tried blackmailing me by saying heâd show my current boyfriend the video and our friends if I donât keep giving him money to use or sleep with him again. Unbeknownst to him that gave me an excuse to act out on something I can never rid from my thoughts even sober now. So a few weeks ago when he threatened to show my boyfriend if I didnât give him the cash to get high or have sex with him I gave in. I told him I didnât get paid until Thursday and that our parents were home that we werenât having sex, that Iâd think about what I could do and let him know. He kept texting me like crazy and I was stalling by giving short evasive responses. Finally he mustâve realized and came in my room. He said well mom and dad are asleep now, so unless you want âJohnâ to see the video I have you can give me the $125 or we can fuck. I saw in his eyes he was high as can be. I said I really donât have the money and this isnât the best idea, I dunno how I can live with myself if we do this. (I just didnât want him to know I replay our sexual experiences together in my head with enjoyment all the time) He said well I donât know how youâre gonna live with yourself when I text âJohnâ the video then and began to fumble with his phone saying he was gonna send it to him. I shot out of bed and grabbed it from him and said fine, but this isnât gonna keep happening where you keep trying to blackmail me for something that happened when we were using together. Without hesitation he kissed me, we started hooking up. I pretended to pull away but really just wanted him to pull me back in so it seemed as if I really didnât want this. I let him slide down my bootie shorts and start grabbing at my ass. He was hard as a rock, so again I try to pretend to pull away and he pushed me on the bed and said if you arenât gonna do this your boyfriend is gonna have a nice surprise text when he wakes up tomorrow. I try to act as if Iâm paranoid and told him that if he ever found out he could possibly tell our parents out of anger and spite. He just looked at me and said that wasnât his problem as he pushed himself between my legs as Iâm sitting on the bed he pushed me on. I said I canât believe youâre making me do this, as I was saying that I started to pull down his boxers. By this point Iâm dripping wet trying to hide how badly I wanted this to happen again. I slowly stated to kiss his dick, licking it up and down till he grabbed my head and if I didnât want it so badly you could say forced himself in my mouth. Still trying to play it off as if I didnât want it, Iâd stop and look up and ask him if this is really what he wanted. Meanwhile I probably wanted it more than him. I started to blow him again and couldnât help it anymore and said are you going to fuck me or not? I laid down and he got on top of me, I guided him into my now soaked pussy. Oh my God was it amazing, at this point I didnât even care to try and hide that itâs what I wanted. My breathing and moans were out of control. Clearly Iâd been having sex with my boyfriend but this is something totally different. When youâre using as a male especially sometimes you canât stay fully hard, so after awhile when I felt heâd be getting a little soft Iâd start to suck his dick again and talk dirty to him till it was good enough to please me. Iâm not gonna gloat Iâm not perfect by any means but I have a really nice ass. I got on my hands and knees after blowing him hard again and told him to fuck me from behind, he wanted to cum but I told him not yet. So we stopped and I got on top, I rode him and the whole time looked him in the eyes, occasionally leaning down to kiss him. He finally said Iâm about to cum, back when we were using I wasnât responsible and wasnât taking my birth control. So I guess he thought I was gonna make him pull out, without explained that I have been on it for over a year now I said OK but kept riding him wildly. He started to freak and told me to get off before he cums but it was too late as I felt him erupt inside me. When I tell you Iâve never been so fulfilled with pleasure before thatâs an understatement. After he finished I told him it was OK Iâve been on the pill, I also told him how much I missed that and havenât felt that good since Iâve been clean. Obviously this is our parents home so he couldnât stay in my room but I will definitely be trying to make this a regular occurrence. That night we hooked up a few more times, touching each other, fooling around some more and I can honestly say I have no regrets. Yeah maybe itâs completely wrong, but Iâm a recovering addict, I like things that make me feel good. I may not be using anymore but Iâm not perfect and when we are together itâs as close to amazing as it gets. I have never been fucked the way he can fuck me, I never had an orgasm like I do with him, itâs an out of body experience.

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    Have you considered using sex to help him get clean? Or does he only want your pussy and mouth when he's high?
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    Since then weâve had sex a few more times, I told him Iâd do ANYTHING to help him stay clean. I just donât think he wants to. He loves getting high. When we were using together over a year ago we started having sex in blackouts because there was always a sexual attraction between us. Heâd always be jealous of my boyfriends and I knew he had seen dirty pictures I had sent my exes and would jerk off to them he told me about it once we were using. Thatâs kind of how it all started when we were using together, after he told me that we only hooked up a few times at first but then after awhile Iâd let him jerk off while I played with myself. Then one time down the road he just couldnât cum while watching me and I ended up going down on him. After that there was no turning back. Iâve thought about it, obviously we would never be together, but the sex is beyond incredible. Iâd hope if he got clean heâs still want to do it, I know being sober and fucking him was even better than the times we had sex high.
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    You mentioned that your brother has occasional issues with maintaining his erection when he's high. You might bring this up as gently as possible and suggest he start tapering off to minimize the bad effects on his cock. You might even toss in some of your testimony about the sex feeling so much more intense when you're sober.

    You may have to give up lots of head and pussy to coax him along, but if you can get him to reduce or eliminate his drug use, I think you'll agree that it's worth the sacrifice, especially if you're racking up orgasms that are "beyond incredible" while you're helping him.
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    Listen I have no issues at all with what we do. At times the guilt is there but in the end itâs sex. It just happened to be someone society deems you shouldnât be sleeping with. Iâd obviously never date and be with him but whether heâs clean or not Iâm going to do what feels good. I love the thought of him being inside me, I love the seeing his enjoyment when Iâm giving him a blowjob, itâs unexplainable. The satisfaction it produces is beyond your wildest dreams. Iâve been with a lot of men, before, during and after my addiction. In the end though nothing compares to what itâs like when weâre together. Iâve actually even told him Iâd get him a prescription to subs and we could go hole up in a hotel somewhere for 5-7 days while he detoxes and just do whatever he wants. Sex, pictures, make a video anything. So Iâm hoping that he decides he wants a better life and will give up the dope. I have zero issues giving up all of me anytime he wants it, Iâm not ashamed to admit I love when heâs inside me. Itâs better than any drug Iâve ever taken.
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    You love to have sex with him and you love to see his enjoyement and that is perfectly okay. I do not judge you by the i****t. I have experienced i****t, and I know how good it does feel. Much better than regular sex. I can't explain it, but it just does. But he is blackmailing you with those pictures and that is horribly wrong. He is not sick just because of his addiction. He has a sick and narsistic mind.

    He does not love you. He doesn't even like you, and worst of all, he doesn't respect you at all. No people who love someone would blackmail their loved one. No one who like someone, wouldn't blackmail the one person they like. And no one who respect someone would treat their idol like shit.

    I do not know what kind of shitheads you have met in your life, but no matter how much you love the i****tuous sex with him, he is pure poison and only thing you love, is sex.

    Great if he will someday realize what kind of poisonous asshole he is, but for now, do not feed his poisonous behavior, or in the end you will suffer because of him! And believe me, the question is not "if", but "when".

    For example, what will happen in the future when you are going to job interview and you know you could get your dream job, but he decides that he wants to cum in your pussy?

    Sure you could go in there a bit late, and having his seeds inside you, satisfied and aroused? Do you think your interviewer would tolerate it?

    So what it will be:

    -Your dream job, but also ruined future and relationships with your family when he shows them what you two have done? I do not even consider you will date your boyfriend too long now that you can have sex with your own brother. And do not take this that I'm judging you. I'm not. I'm just saying, the satisfying sex is really important part in any relationship and clearly your brother is superior comparing to your boyfriend. I'm 100% sure that you will end up dating your own brother, although not publicly of course.

    -Or, being a sexslave for him, enjoying it as long as it lasts, but forgetting the future of your own good and living without any clear future plans, only pleasing him and his quirks? Slowly dying to his poison?

    Do you think he will support you in the future? Maybe buy a house for you, or even managing to pay a rent, or have a job, or feed your children, or even you, if he can't even control his own life? I mean, does he really think that when he shows the pictures of you two, he will not get in trouble at all?
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    Heâs my brother regardless of anything else. I was an addict too and I canât hold him at fault besides not trying to remain clean. I know who he is when he isnât using and heâs a kind hearted, good person. When heâs using he does and says things heâd never do when heâs clean. Itâs a poor reflection of the man he truly is. In spite of your beliefs I wouldnât date my brother even not publicly. As much as I enjoy our sexual relationship I wouldnât father his child thatâs something that just I would never allow. I do enjoy the blackmail somewhat because it gives me an excuse to justify the rather inappropriate actions. Deep down inside I know how wrong it is but I love fucking my brother. Iâd do anything for him, he doesnât force me to do anything I love it and love being with him this way. I love the forbidden nature and the feelings of bliss it beings me when weâre exploring every inch of each otherâs bodies. It isnât even that heâs huge or dead sexy, heâs good looking and normal in size but itâs the fact that I know I can turn him on the way I can even though we are blood. Not to mention the utter satisfaction it brings me. My boyfriends been asking me to get off the pill so we can try to have a child but I make up a thousand excuses because the thrill of knowing I let my own brother cum deep inside me is much more rewarding for me. So what if I just like sex? Who doesnât? Iâve fucked countless men before I started using drugs, while using drugs and since Iâve been clean. Is it wrong to like sex? Iâve given more blowjobs and sex to people than Iâd even admit. Some random strangers at bars, some bosses, some coworkers, some house managers at a halfway house I lived in while getting clean, married men, drug dealers, when I was a teenager I slept with friends much older brothers, so who fucking cares? People act like sex is such a dirty thing, these are people who probably donât get it enough. Thatâs their problem not mine. I love my brother and I love fucking him even more. Maybe just maybe I enjoy the fact that he has that power of the pictures over me, maybe it in itself turns me on. Maybe itâs reversed and it gives me the control to fuck him whenever and however I want without him directly knowing that.
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    #3 again,

    If you look back at what I wrote, I never suggested that you stop having sex with your brother. I'm happy for you that it's so enjoyable and if the hint of blackmail is a plus for you it's all good.

    What I did suggest was that you diplomatically point out that he was having some issues maintaining his erection when he's high. From there you can try selling him on the idea that tapering off or quitting could have a positive impact on both his performance and enjoyment. You can tell him about how much better it feels to you sober.

    The part about increased frequency was poorly written. The base idea being that if he does tone it down or quit his desire for sex could increase since it's one of the few natural ways to flood the zone with those pleasurable brain chemicals.

    Good luck and blow him once for me. ;-)
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    My apologies, I think I got what you were saying misconstrued then. This morning he was actually going through mild withdrawals because he had not used since yesterday evening. Once our parents left for work I went to check on him and he wasnât in the best shape. I felt terrible because I remember that feeling and wouldnât wish it on my worst enemy. Even though I could tell he wasnât much up for it after laying with him for awhile I tried to cheer him up with a blowjob actually in hopes itâd lead to him fucking me. Fortunately enough it did, I even gave him anal which I hadnât in awhile due to his lack of erection at times from being so high. It was great too, I think it worked out when I told him he could cum wherever he wanted to. In a way Iâm starting to feel bad for my boyfriend because Iâd much prefer my brothers dick and letting him do whatever he wants with me. I know this makes me a terrible person, I really do love my boyfriend and would take a bullet for him but I canât stop having this strong desire for my brother. He was even blowing my phone up all morning and afternoon today when I was with him. I didnât even notice until a few hours had passed. I told him my brother wasnât doing well and I wanted to keep an eye on him. When he offered to stop by and help I had to lie and say i was about to take my brother to cop something just to feel better. I hate lying to him but I just wanted to stay home and fuck as much as possible before my parents came back. He eventually was able to get a few bags and do them, heâs dealer spotted them to him. Once he got off we were able to talk a little about what we wanted to do and if he would wanna continue this if he got clean but I donât know if he was giving me answers I wanted or was telling the truth. I want to believe him because he told me all he thinks about besides using is being inside me. He claims when Iâm not around or not home and with my boyfriend he gets jealous and watches our video. Still though I donât really know, itâs hard to believe an addict whoâs using. Regardless we were able to fool around a few more hours before our parents got back and Iâm really hoping to find an out later tonight so I can leave my boyfriends and be with him again.
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    #3 here.

    No apologies needed. I did a poor job of wording it.

    I've bookmark the post. Please drop by and keep us updated on the progress and the sex. If you want to talk direct, leave a message here and I'll leave an email address.
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    Where are you from are you a male or female,

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