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    Straight Female / 26

    Have you ever wished you were sexy? I do. I practice being sexy, walking sexy, wearing sexy clothes. I find that one of the sexiest feelings comes when I wear something that is revealing but not explicit, like showing half a boob, crossing my leg in a tight skirt, and one of the most sexiest feelings is wearing a loose shirt with no bra. It feels good and I like being watched and stared at. I've had abduction and r**e fantasies since I was seven or eight. I have slept without panties since I was around ten. My bed faced the door in my room and we had to sleep with the door open and I would kick off my covers and lay butt naked with my legs spread open waiting. I am 26 and one of the things I enjoy is sitting on the couch watching television with my legs spread wide open, no panties. I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

    The only time I actually exhibited my naked pussy to someone was in New York on the subway while I was in college. It was late, after working hours so the subway wasn't that full, I went out commando in a short skirt and rode the subway until a man sat across from me and I opened my legs and let my skirt slide up my thighs. I sat there pretending to be on my phone and he sat there and stared. After I got back home I took a shower and went to bed and that night kept my legs tight around a pillow. It still gives me chills to think of what I did and I haven't done anything like that again.

    I fantasize about sucking a guy in a public space, or getting felt up in a public space, usually when I am masturbating. I lost my virginity in the ninth grade and I have a healthy sexual appetitive, but when it comes to sex I am pretty submissive and let the guy do what he wants, anal, oral, straight, gay, I'm open to a girl, I like feeling a girl up, I am all about tits and if I am open to kissing with her on the lips I am open to eating her. I don't think I have ever been with an all out lesbian, because I have only done it with a girl and my guy together. But I do like sleeping and being naked with a girl.

    I am not model material, far from it. I am not even one of those girls who turns heads when I walk in the room. I am straight and I like guys who control me, always have, I am Hispanic mix born in New York, my father is a cop and my mother is a school nurse. I like a man with a gun and a truck who doesn't waste time with me, he goes for the kill really fast and likes to set me up with another girl and watch. To me that's sexy.

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    You sound like a pretty awesome girl and I hope you find the right guy. There are those of us out there that would love to show you off and help you explore your exhibitionist side.
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    Will you ever be in Nyc again?
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    I'd love to see you. Sometime the atitude is more important than looks.

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