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    Straight Female / 36

    Driving along a country lane around five weeks ago, I had a horny reaction to a young farmer who signaled and whistled at me from his tractor. My cars soft top was down, and I had on a tight white top and a short cream skirt. He could easily see me from his vantage point, so hearing his whistle and seeing him indicating he liked my looks, I pulled over.
    The reason I pulled over was the reason I was driving along on my own. And that was having an argument with my husband about his lack of sexual attention towards me that morning. Or should I say, his inability of late to fuck me as I wanted, roughly.
    He got out of his tractor cab, asked me if I was ok and smiled a huge broad grin when I replied "I would be if you've got a big cock". The whole thing had only taken seconds, but I knew when I said what I did, I meant it. I also knew as he put his right hand across my breasts, and began to feel them through the material (I don't wear a bra with my firm medium sized breasts), I was going to let him fuck me.
    Telling me to pull over further up, he asked me if I really meant it. Grabbing his grubby hand, I slid it up my thighs and then on up to my knicker covered pussy. I swear his cock nearly grew out of the shorts he had on. Having pulled over he drove the tractor directly behind me and jumped down. taking my hand I let him pull me from the car and lead into a field he'd pulled out of earlier.
    We walked about a hundred yards towards a large oak tree and he and I asked each others names, and why he wanted to know, did I want sex with a stranger. I told himmas if I'd known him for years about my argument with my husband and that I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to be taken hard and used. Hearing me say what I did, he pushed me down released his cock and listened as I gasped.
    His cock probably only measured the same as my husband's, about seven inches, but it was so much thicker. Without pause, I took hold of it, sucked it into my mouth and began to give him a blow job. He made all kinds of groaning noises as I got used to his girth and sucked harder on his dick. After only a couple of minutes, he practically pushed me over, got me to kneel up and tore off my knickers after hitching up my skirt. Telling me he didn't have a condom, I told him I didn't care and to fuck me. Seconds later I felt his thick cock push past my pussy lips and bury itself up my aching hole.
    There was no waiting or finding out if I was comfortable. He told me I was going to get it and that young man did just that. He fucked me like a tart from the word go and I loved it. My knees were in the grass and my hands were holding onto the base of the oaks trunk. I was getting fucked by a stranger, a young farmer and he was an absolutely amazing fuck.
    Within a minute or so I'd cum, leaking my juices all over his cock. And I carried on climaxing on his beautiful dick as he kept on thrusting into my hard from behind. Having just cum for the third time, I looked back just in time to see him wet his middle finger on his right hand. Spitting on my arsehole and still fucking me hard, he slid his finger up my bum and I instantly came again. Through a breathless surge of sexual energy I told him he was a dirty bastard which only made him fuck me harder. That in turn had me pushing back onto his cock and he forcing his cock ever deeper up my pussy.
    Then just as another orgasm began to build, he said he was going to cum. Telling him to hold off wanting to reach my own climax, he gripped my hips tightly with one hand and pulled my long brunette hair back with the other. Fucking me like a rag doll, I burst with a massive orgasm and then felt his cock explode inside of me.
    Both collapsing onto the grass, he slid his finger out of my arse and pushee me so I was laying beneath him. Looking down at me, he lowered himself and kissed me. Kissing him back, I put both my hands onto his buttocks and felt the hard muscles tensing as I massaged his arse.
    We got ourselves together and he walked me back to my car. Swapping phone numbers I told him he'd been a great fuck and I'd had fun. Asking me if he could possibly see me in future, I kissed him again and text his number to prove I wasn't giving him a duff number. My text said "Let me know when, Jess x".
    The next when was a week later and then a few days after that. And since our first fuck he and I have had sex two to three times a week since. His father's farm literally borders our home and this past week, he's visited our house when my husband has been at work. The sex is becoming even better and and were beginning to try out some really horny things together. I'm not sure if it will last or if he see's me as a long term affair. What I do know is, he certainly knows how to fuck a woman, and how to pound both my pussy and of last week my arsehole too. At twenty two he's got lots of sexual energy and by the sounds of it yesterday as he fucked me all over our home, he wants to spend the night with me sometime.
    At the end of this month my husband goes over to Germany on business. When he does, I'm going to invite my young lover around and see if can keep up with my demands. I sure hope so, because with him I'm just getting hornier and dirtier everytimne we fuck.

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    Good story, whoever wrote it.

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