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    Gay Male / 46

    I spent twenty years working both domestically and overseas in various cities with the banking industry. My last posting was Hong Kong and I was with the Regional Internal Audit Section. I am gay, always have been gay and during all these years I have kept my life quiet and in the closet. I developed a very strong attraction to Turks while I was in Istanbul. In particular I had a relationship with this Turk who is hard headed, aggressive and likes being with other men. I met him at a Turkish Bath House, he is a Financier and likes cock on cock. He is probably the one man I really had a relationship with which lasted the three years I was in Istanbul.

    In the Far East I travelled to Thailand to find extracurricular activities, while in North Africa I returned to Europe to play around. Other than Turkey I never messed around in country.

    I returned to the home office in late 2016 and at our office I met this black ex footballer from Benin and we found that our radars picked up on each other and he introduced me to his group of friends. Among others I met a retired School football coach who likes to be surrounded by young men. I also met a History Professor who talks too much, a Math Teacher, a banker like me, and bingo I met a Lebanese Art Dealer who reminds me of my days in Istanbul.

    Is it physical, yes. Is it his temperament, yes. Is it his way around sex, yes. He and I are now together. He likes me to wear an apron, nothing but an apron. I can wear an apron, why not. I wear the apron, he wears the pants, in the end both the apron and the pants have to come off.

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    I can understand your attraction to Turkish me but for me it is for young Indian men, For me it's their eyes and skin and I love their colour too it's so sexy, My attraction to them was when I spent time there with my parents as a young teen and I met a guy we shall call him Raj and I was immediately smitten with him he was so beutiful he was slim with deep dark eyes that sparkled, He knew straight away that I was attracted to him and one afternoon he took me to his home and as soon as the door closed he had me pushed up against that door and was urgently and deeply kissing me his hard bulge pushing against my own grinding against each other, We stripped each other eager to get each other naked, His penis wasn't big just average it's purple head glistening in the light and the smooth brown skin of it looked delicious he was free of pubic hair being smoothly shaved, His flat stomach lead up to his dark brown nipples which i enjoyed sucking on, He took control and fucked me on his bed while his hands were all over me and his lips kissed my neck I was lost I was his as he fucked me hard and fast i came so hard and loudly, For the rest of my time there we were lovers his beautiful body was mine I practically worshipped it and I kissed and licked every inch of it, Years later after leaving him and India behind my parents having moved back home I was in an Indian restaurant with work colleagues and the Waiter reminded me of my first Indian lover so much so that I slipped him my phone number after we had quickly flirted with each other, He rang me we dated and have been together ever since he is gorgeous and is so like my first real love and is so hot in bed.
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    I live in Fiji where there are a lot of very sexy young Indian men...I have one as our pool boy and when my wife is away always lie on the day bed in the nude and watch him. He always wears a thong I bought for him and if I am nude on the lounger he takes his little shorts off and does the pool in just the thong...I lie and massage my very hard cock and then when he is finished I fuck him.
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    I was in Fiji for a business trip about a year ago. You are sure right about the Indian guys. I tried to hit on one but he was very str8 or very nervous and ignored my advances.
    The unexpected happened when I met an Australian who was working there doing a roading contract for the government.
    We started chatting in a bar and after a few beers and finding out he was married he asked me if I was into guys at all. That took me by surprise but I confessed I was gay and asked if he wanted to have some man time. He jumped at the idea and I took him to my hotel. We spent about an hour sucking and fucking until his wife called and told him to get home and stop flirting with the Indian girls in the bar. We both had a great laugh and he left. Not all bad in Fiji.


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