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    A little over five months back my father in law Ray, who lived on his own, was told he had terminal cancer. Over the next few weeks the extremely fit and virile looking man traveled to just about everywhere. And returned looking if anything fitter and more ruggedly handsome than before. My husband works a lot of hours and sometimes works away from home. With his father ill he cut down on his work and his flights away for work. Then out of the blue he had no choice but to take a five day trip for work and I invited Ray to come and stay over with me if he wanted to. On the second night with my husband away, Ray turned up and asked if the offer was still there. Telling him sure it was, he brought his bag in and we settled down after I cooked us a meal. About two hours after eating, he sat by me and said straight out "If you find what I have to say offensive or you're not interested, then tell me and I'll go. I've always liked you from a sexual point of view. Before I die I'd love to make love to a beautiful woman like you, just one more time".

    I sat for a minute thinking about what he'd said and eventually like a light flicking on in my sexual brain, I leaned over to him and we kissed. That night and over the next couple of days, myself and Ray had some of the best sex I've ever experienced. From kissing and caressing that night, to him fucking my asshole over and over again, then licking out my pussy and asshole of his cum and everything in between.

    It was such an awesome night of passionate sex, we were still fucking at four in the morning as I mounted his cock once again. All the next day we went from eating, to sleeping and then having one form of sex or another. By dusk I was literally worn out, but it seemed Ray had a new lease of life and I went with his every wish, no matter what he suggested, and he suggested just about everything.

    Sleeping, that night and waking to have oral sex, a prolonged session of awesome oral sex, it was so climactic I found myself crying with the total desire of his passion. I woke up the following morning finding his penis fully erect and him still asleep. Backing onto his cock, I had Ray's cock inside me before his eyes opened. He fucked me spooning me and we both came almost at the same time. That day I took him for a hospital visit and then out for lunch. Afterwards as we passed a place he knew from his childhood, he had me drive over and we had naked sex under a huge tree. Eating our evening meal he fell asleep. Waking my father in law I took him to bed and he slept the whole night through.

    We had sex one more time the next evening lay on the rug in front of the fire. But Ray's renewed energy was flagging. Even so he still managed to have me orgasming like never before.

    His son returned early and Ray's condition rapidly deteriorated. Within two weeks my father in law was dead.

    Since his death I've thought about Ray a lot. I've even begun to think recently if I should tell my husband what happened between us. My only concern is if he doesn't understand why I did what I did. I stil have great sex with my husband, but it's no where near as good as it was with his father. A wonderful man who I recently found out was taking certain medication, which boosted his libido and his energy levels. Now all I have to decide, is if I disclose to his son, or not.

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    I can understand why you consider telling your hubby. I would weigh for carefully the risk of your relationship damage with hubby plus possible bad thought he would have of his deceased father.
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    Do not tell him!!!

    At this point it will do no good to tell your husband. It could only damage your relationship with him and diminish his attitude about his father. What's the point of either one of those things?

    Having sex with someone different without all the baggage of the daily grind and life's problems always seem wonderful. You get all of the good and none of the bad.

    You did a kind hearted thing. Now keep those good memories to yourself and enjoy them.
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    Telling him would be to disgrace what you say was a graceful experience.
    Your answer is absolutely NOT. Our lives actually belong to us and any
    agreement between people to surrender all privacy is idiotic.
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    What a ignorant thing to do. Yeah, tell him daddy was a much better fuck! Then, decide what you are going to do for the rest of your life.
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    no you absolutely should not

    keep that shit to yourself
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    I hope you've kept your secret. There's nothing to gain by revealing. Let that be a special memory you have of your FIL.

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