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    Straight Male / 27

    My boss always calls other women sluts if they wear anything sexy or revealing or if they make any comment about how sexy a guy looks. I found her to be a hypocrite when she says this. Little does she know that when I was fixing her computer I had come across sexy pictures of her. These pictures ranged from her in very sexy clothing to wearing nothing at all to her performing sexual acts on herself and on others. The pictures of the sexual acts are very explicit and shows a completely different side of her.

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    Did you email copies to yourself? Might be a handy insurance policy someday and wank fodder for now if she's a looker.
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    I took a copy for myself. One of the guys in the photos with her used to work at the company. Never expected them to ever hook up. She is a looker but a bit of a bitch.
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    You are not seeing a "second side" of her but the true person. Part of her that appears to be "another side" is her attempting to expiate her sexual confusion and guilt by putting others down, an old psych 101 activity.

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