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    Straight Female / 22

    My brother married Kathi a year after he graduated from college. We never really got along as I always thought he could do better. Kathi never went to college, instead working at a local restaurant going from a waitress to being the hostess/day manager. Kind of a plain girl, I always thought she was lucky to get my brother,Chuck, who play 4 years of college football and remained in shape after her began working as marketing manager. He's been making good money, and Kathi has recently went for implants and started taking better care of herself.
    A few weeks ago, they asked me to house-sit while they went on a cruise. I'd have the house to myself for a week, but they said no people over. Well, the second day there, I was bored and was using my brother's computer when I found a thumb drive in the back of a drawer. When I inserted the flash drive it had 3 mp4 video files so I opened one up. There was my brother , very well built, well endowed ( I never thought of him that way) and very busy with a woman who was NOT Kathi. The camera man was walking around the room ( it looked like a motel) and was zooming in on Chuck's cock slamming this girl hard and fast. I could see this woman was also in shape, and she was clearly have a great time. She was telling my brother how he was hitting her where she had never been hit before, begging him to do her doggy style. She turned over, and when my brother pulled out, I could see he was over 8 inches and his cock had a big curve to the left!
    He entered this woman again, and as he grabbed her hair, he started slamming her hard. She was saying she was going to cum, and he looked at the camera man and said " now!". The camera man put the go pro on the dresser I guess, pointing at the bed, and I saw it was my sister in law, dressed in a black leotard catsuit climbing into the bed. She positioned herself under this woman and started licking her as Chuck fucked her. The woman started shuddering as I assume she orgasmed and then when my brother pulled out, I watched Kathi lick up all the cum as it dripped out of this woman's pussy.
    I was so hot, my fingers were playing in my panties as I suddenly relized Kathi was enjoying making the video. When I clicked on the second clip, it featured Kathi dressed up as a cat, complete with a furry tail butt plug. She crawled across the floor to Chuck, and he told her to lick him until he came all over his stomach, then drink the milk before it spoiled. He went down on her, all the time making sure the camera had a good angle. He lifted her tail and took her " kitty style" and was fucking her for a while until he pulled the plug out and replaced it with that cock of his. I was masturbating with one hand as I watched the video and needed to cum. I pulled the flash drive out and went to their bedroom, there in the back of the nightstand drawer were a bunch of sex toys. Dildos, handcuffs, buttplugs and more. I spread them out on the bed next to me and proceeded to take a 10" black realistic rubber cock and I fucked myself raw. I fell asleep after the second fantasy involving my big brother.
    The next morning, I watched the next video. It featured Kathi and Chuck and a light skinned black girl I had seen at their house a few times. Again, I ended up naked and satisfied on their bed.
    That Friday, I made a copy of the thumb drive, washed all the sheets and deleted the browser history on the computer. I drove to the airport to pick them up and looked at both of them in a whole new light. It's kind of fucked up, but I would like to star in one of their videos one day!

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    You already have because you were on hidden cam! Now, tell them you want that cock!
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    It sounds like your brother is the dominant in the relationship. If you want his dick in you and your sister in law licking you at the same time, he's the one you need to quietly approach with your fantasy. Would you still be interested if you had to service her to get to him?
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    Only second fantasy was needed to involve your brother. That tells a lot. I guess you wouldn't had any problems to have sex with him?

    #2 is right. If you want him deep inside you, you must approach him first. They are open minded and I'm sure they would gladly take you as a star in their next film, even him to fuck you and her to taste his stuff from your pussy. Just tell him honestly that you needed to use his computer for something, and you managed to see their videos. Then be honest about how horny it made you.

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