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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    So I’ve always worked in the restaurant business I like the cash tips at the end of the night and the atmosphere. Along the way I learned what shifts are better sections etc. I got a job at a local seafood spot a few months ago and noticed my manager was always checking me out. He’d constantly watch me walk away (my best feature is my ass) I’m not gorgeous but I’m pretty for sure. I’d catch him taking glances at my chest from time to time too. Being the new girl I wasn’t getting the best shifts or tables and seating so I decided to wear more revealing shirts that still fit uniform criteria. I’d purposely find reasons to seek him out and make sure he noticed me and my outfits to the point where he would start coming to seek me out and find reasons to call me into the office. So one night it was slow and he asked me to rearrange some items in the downstairs dry storage area which I did. I was down there for awhile and heard someone coming when I turned around I saw it was my manager so I started leaning down to show my cleavage from my shirt and would look up to see if he was starring which he was. I did this for awhile and he started asking me random questions like so how long have you lived in town do you have brothers and sisters did you go to college do you have a boyfriend just non related random questions. He began to help me put some stuff on the shelves and there wasn’t much more talk. He asked me to put something up too and showed me the step ladder he offered to hold it so I wouldn’t fall even though it was literally 3 steps. As I was coming down and turned around he was right there so I decided to just plant one on him and kissed him softly but then open mouthed. I felt him get hard almost instantly and kissed him harder I stopped and told him to grab my ass which of course he started to. I walked towards the door and shut it after a few minutes and pulled my shirt and bra down enough to expose my breasts and nipples he said are you sure you want to do this and I said of course no one should come down here right? It was still during service and it was slow so no one should come down. I walked back towards him and started to undo his belt and zipper and started stroking him as we kissed some more and I’d throw in some occasional words. Eventually I got down on my knees and started giving him a passionate blowjob all the while making eye contact to see his enjoyment. At some point he took my chin and guided me back to my feet and pushed me up against the wall and undid my pants. I turned around and grabbed his dick to put it inside me and let him have his way with me. I’m not sure how no one heard ya because I got really into him being so much older and married me having a boyfriend and letting my manager fuck me had me so turned on. I must’ve came numerous times as I’d clench up with him in me and start to shake. I told him unless he anted to father a love child to pull out. I let him finish on my ass and got dressed. After this experience I started getting better shifts and tables plus more hours and ever since then we usually fuck at least 2-3 times a week at work. I don’t want to leave my boyfriend and I know he won’t leave his wife and kids but I love knowing I can get this older married man off whenever I want. Sometimes I go out with him instead of working and we’ll go an hour or so away so we can publically appreciate being with each other without his wife or my boyfriend finding out. Besides the looks we get when they see this 50 some old year man with me at 26 is priceless.

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    Have you gotten on birth control so he can shoot in you? Does he ever pull you into the storage area for quick head when he gets worked up from following your ass?

    Does he dictate the when and how now that he's had a taste? Has he demanded your asshole yet? Made you lick him clean when you're done?

    Do you think he would continue to show you favoritism if you stopped fucking him? How much difference do you think there is in your earnings since you've become the manager's little cum dump?
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    I don’t think he’d have a choice on favoritism regardless because he wouldn’t want his wife to see our text message exchanges. Besides I love ducking him as much as he loves fucking me so there’s no reason to stop regardless at this point I’m still not on birth control so I let him finish wherever we still have sex multiple times a week out of the 5-6 days I work we have sex at least 2-3 times and I love giving head so he doesn’t have to beg me for it I like being in control knowing whether someone gets off is in my power. I couldn’t tell you an exact dollar amount of how much more I make a night but it’s a significant change.
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    Does he ever pull out and have you suck him over the line? Do you swallow?

    Has he pushed for anal so he doesn't have to pull out?
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    Why wouldn’t you swallow if it’s already in your mouth? I like to swallow but it’s also hot when I take it on my face or my chest. I love anal but no he hasn’t tried to do it yet. It’s a little challenging when you’re at work the positions in which we can enjoy are limited in his office or the dry storage or the employee rest rooms. There’s no beds available. Are you some kind of teenage boy or troll? These questions are kind of ridiculous.
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    Definitely not to the first question and I hope not to the second. Middle aged man with vast curiosity and a desire to learn details.

    Do the other employees know or suspect?

    Has he given you one of those facials you say you like at work? Soiled your clothes with a badly aimed cum shot?
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    It’s gotten on my shirt before but that’s it and yes clearly there has been facials I don’t think the others know but they can clearly see I’ve gotten some favoritism since this started and I’m sure they wonder at times where I’ve disappeared off to and why he isn’t around either at points of service. I’ve mentioned that I could stay late or come early before or after the other employees leave but I think it’s more convenient at work during work so his wife doesn’t suspect anything is up with him coming in early or leaving later. You can ask whatever you’d like I’ve always enjoyed older men not to date but to appease it’s actually even more so exciting knowing we’re going at it while other people are literally steps away working and I’m getting fucked by our manager it actually makes me even hornier
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    You mentioned appreciating older men as sex partners. Was it an older man that claimed your virginity? If it was, what was the age gap? Was there a particular older man you lusted after?

    What kind of birth control do you use with your boyfriend? Is there a reason you can't use it with your boss?

    Have you considered straight up offering your ass to the boss? If not, why?
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    No I lost my virginity in 7th grade I was 13 and the boy was in my class. I’ve been with men though who were much older when I was in HS I slept with a couple of my friends older brothers who were either out of HS or in college. I’ve had married men before my boss too I used to go out drinking a lot in my earlier 20s and would shack up with different guys the oldest man I’ve been with is my boss in his mid 50s prior I had been with a few 40 year old men. I plan on having my boss give me anal when we can I’m going to try and mention possibly a hotel if he can get out of work not for the night but possibly instead of his shift so we can take our time opposed to borderline rushing at work I’ve always been lustful over one of my good friends father but nothing has ever developed of it I “accidentally “ sent him so pervocative texts before of pictures and would claim it was for my boyfriend who has a close enough name to play it off and I’ve made subtle gestures but coming off in a joking manner I’ve also once or twice have even brushed closely against him to see if he’d make a move but I guess there was never a time I’d be away from my friend enough I’ve thought about just telling him say I was drunk or something but nothing ever happened even though I wish it would already he’s beyond gorgeous he’s in his later 40s great shape great hair he’s a dentist my God he’s great looking he’s got a girlfriend since he’s divorced but still something about knowing that I can make older men that aroused makes me so turned on
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    Ah, you got to one of my questions ahead of me. I was about to ask if you had been to an hourly rate motel with him. Great minds in the same gutter as a college buddy used to say.

    I noticed you sort of slid by the question about birth control. As an old line Catholic, I can tell you a joke that was popular back in the day. What do you call people who rely on rhythm and pulling out for birth control? Parents.

    So, who is the better fuck? Boss or boyfriend? Is there much of a size difference? Who does it favor of there is one? Who lasts longer?

    Has the boss returned the favor on oral?
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    My boyfriend is hands down more talented and a better fuck when all is said and done. When it comes to size my boyfriend is slightly bigger in length not by much though and because we have more time my boyfriend lasts longer too but I couldn’t tell you for sure since me and my manager have to speed things up more he hasn’t gotten the pleasure to give me pleasure orally since it’s hard standing up but I’m hoping he will although I must not lie if I have a boyfriend I usually don’t let anyone else go down on me unless it’s a female sounds crazy but that’s more intimate to me so I save that for my man. I don’t use birth control period I have a child with my boyfriend and we had an extremely close encounter a few months ago too. I know Russian roulette you don’t have to tell me. I was scared to death my manager was going to get me preganant about a minth ago because he may have came a little in me before I could jump off I was in the middle of cumming myself so foolishly didn’t stop till I came fully luckily i dodged a bullet there all this talking about it I can’t wait to work tomorrow night and take him inside me while the other servers are working. By the way how old are you and where are you from?

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