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    Straight Male / 31

    I somewhat recently went through a bad divorce and as a result, I went eight months without sex. I was losing my mind as any normal man would, so I decided to call my friend from college (Devon). He had always had a way with the ladies but he is happily married now. I figured, at the very least, he can give me some pointers (given that I've been out of the game for years)

    We met up, went to a bar, had some beers and we talked to some girls but ultimately, I ended up going home alone. I drove Devon home and agreed to come in for a minute to say hi to Elli (devon's smoking hot wife). She fixed me a cup of coffee and shared some small talk. Mostly about how she sympathized about my divorce.

    As small talk turned to a deep analysis of my situation, the coffee turned to cheap wine and brief cigarette breaks. Halfway through what turned out to be a long night, Devon mentioned to his wife that I'm going through a dry spell and joked about blue balls. We all had a good chuckle until dev drunkenly mentioned that elli gives really great head and that if she were to "help me out just this once " he wouldn't get angry. Elli was appalled (eyes wide and jaw dropped) but we just brushed it off as another classics Devon joke.

    As we approached the bottom of the second bottle of two-buck chuck, our inhibitions disappeared faster than elli's bra when she picked dare instead of truth. That lead to her giving Devon and I lapdances out on the balcony with a street view. One thing led to another and then another and before you know it, I'm sitting on their couch with my pants around my ankles and my college buddy's wife's lips wrapped around the tip of my cock. She was on her knees with her head bobbing up and down (and in circles every so often). I had a handful of that long dark hair in one hand and more than a handful of breast in the other.

    Devon was sitting on the recliner and I could see him massaging himself through his boxers. I was summoning all my strength to not blow eight months of pent up sexual frustrations in her mouth (yet) when I heard her ask Devon if she could mount me. He didn't say anything but the look in his eyes and a single nod said enough.

    Elli climbed up on top of me with a devilish smirk on her face. She straddled over me as she located her moist opening with my dick in her hand and as she lowered herself onto me, her mouth opened wide and she held her breath while she let out a subtle sigh. I took her right breast into my mouth and sucked on her nipple before switching over to the left breast and doing the same while holding them both firmly in my hands and caressing simultaneously.

    Up and down, grinding back and forth... interrupted only by short, sweaty pauses to catch our breath were met with excitement from devon (who was full on masturbating at this point). Her chest grew more and more flushed as she rode faster and faster. My hands now gripping her big butt as she slaps it down on my lap repeatedly. Moaning... her hair in my face and sweat (among other fluids) combined between us.

    I felt myself growing near and tried to postpone my orgasm as much as possible. One, I didn't want it to end and two, I was in her raw and didn't think devon would appreciate me cumming in his wife bare. I guess I started making the faces and the noises because just as I was getting ready to pull out, I hear devon tell me to cum inside her. I looked up at her and her eyes opened as wide as mine did. Her lips puckered slightly and she nodded her head in approval as she worked her hips in a back and forth dragging motion.

    I braced my hands on her squishy ass and just let go inside her. Filling her up with what I can safely assume was at least a gallon of cum. She continued riding me ever so gently while my cock throbbed and pulsed every few seconds. I spread her butt cheeks as wide as they'd go as I pulled out and felt a stream of cum flow out of her, down my lap and onto their couch. She climbed off me, blew us a kiss from her palm and walked into the bathroom. I was still catching my breath when I heard a bottle open and devon asks "wanna beer, bro?"

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