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    Our whole family went on a family cruise a couple years ago. We had wanted to do it for awhile and one year we finally all were able to collaborate. So we come up with a week we could all manage. It was me, my sister and her husband, my nephew whoâs girlfriend was supposed to come but had broken up before the cruise, my niece, her friend, my other sister and my mother. I had a cabin with my nephew and my sister had one with my mother. My other sister and her husband had a cabin, as did my niece and her friend. It was a 8 night, 9 day cruise without disclosing where to in case any family memebers have used this platform for any possible infidelities. It was the 3rd night of the cruise and that day was our first port of call, so we all enjoyed a few hours on the island before boarding ship for dinner. Dinner went normal and after we usually split up as we all had different agendas at night of what we wanted to do on the ship. I went to a comedy show and to the casino with my sister, her husband and my mother. My older sister went to the casino most likely, my niece, her friend and my nephew went to the club. I had went to the cabin after the show to go to sleep. Late that night my nephew stumbles in, making all sorts of noise since the light was off on the cabin. He goes to the bathroom I guess to get changed and came out, by this point I was awake and asked how his night was. Clearly drunk he tells me how great it was, how much fun he had and kept apologizing for waking me. I wasnât mad itâs vacation, I didnât have work or anything the next day. I said Iâm surprised youâre back I figured you wouldâve found some girl and stayed in her cabin. He had told me he hadnât really bothered that he was just trying to have fun, he was still sad about his ex leaving him. This happened probably a few months before the cruise as we booked it a year in advance. I told him heâs young I know it hurts but heâll fall in love plenty more times before he finds the one. I could tell it didnât matter because he seemed visibly sad about his ex still. Growing up he would spend nights at my house, I was always the cool Aunt. Heâd sleep on the sofa and me in the bed, when Iâd work heâd spend time at my house as my parents lived downstairs so heâd go up to use my computer or whatever. He was just an early teenager at that time. This cruise heâs in his early 20s. I told him itâs OK I know your upset but I promise itâll get easier. I told him we can talk about whatever he wants to get his mind off of it, I said plus youâre drunk so everything is intensified which isnât helping matters. Out of nowhere he told me this was the first girl he ever felt like he really made love to, the girls before her were just sex, but with his ex it felt like they would make love. I felt a little weird talking about this but I would reply gently enough to try and console him. He out of nowhere said to me, you know when I was younger and would go to your apartment and you would be at work Iâd go in your drawers and hamper? I didnât know what he was talking about, so all I said was something like oh why what were you looking for? He said Iâd look through your bras and underwear then take them on your bed and jerk off. I was kind of in shock because we really had a normal aunt and nephew relationship always. I was his cool Aunt we spent a lot of time together back then and never in a million years did I have any idea he did something like that. Maybe I was just oblivious to it, because without responding to the remarks he made about using my bras and underwear to jerk off with he proceeds to tell me yeah. I did that because I always would see your breasts and it would make me hard. I wore a lot of tank tops and shorts back then, especially around the house. Plus we had a pool out back so heâd seen me in my bikini before. I said oh you know thatâs OK you were going through puberty and didnât know what was going on probably, it was only normal teenage stuff. He said yeah well, after dinner before I went to the club, while you went to the show I came to the cabin and went to the bathroom to jerk off. I couldnât get rid of the mental image of when we were on the island earlier and you had that bikini on. So I had to try and get it out of my head so I went in the bathroom and jerked off. Now I was a little caught off guard, it wasnât normal teenage stuff, heâs in his early 20s now not like when he was a teenager jerking off to my bra and panties. He said I must be more drunk than I thought I canât believe I just told you that, I feel so shitty now. No wonder my girlfriend left me I must be retarded. I was kind of fascinated by the fact that he actually jerked off after the port of call we had earlier and seeing me in my bikini. Maybe not fascinated but a little turned on by it. So I asked him well did it at least take your mind off of your ex when you thought about it? He said yeah it did until I went to the club and saw all these guys with girls having fun. Then I missed her again. I was intrigued so I asked well when you did that before what did you think about? Were you just picturing me in the bikini? He said no, that he pictured us in one of the coves where my top popped off and he saw my breasts. He said he couldnât stop starring and I didnât try to tie it back on. He said we had kissed and he had untied my bottom so he could play with me. That we were having sex in the cove. I was very surprised but it really had me quite turned on. I wanted to touch myself as he was telling me his story but I didnât. I just looked at him and listened. He said yeah but it was just this time I hadnât done this since I was a teenager, I usually just use porn when I donât have sex for awhile. That made me even a little more turned on knowing he couldâve watched porn but made up in his mind that he was having sex with me instead. Halfly in awe over what he was telling me I asked him if it felt real? He said he guessed but didnât know what real felt like. By now I had enough I couldnât take it anymore and said well would you want to find out say if something were to happen? He said donât joke like that please, you know itâs just something I told you because Iâm drunk, you know Iâm upset about my ex, we both know nothing could ever happen youâre my aunt. I said well we are on international waters, we are sharing a cabin for the next few days. Maybe I donât have to be your aunt when weâre in the cabin, if thatâs something you really want. I think he didnât believe me because he turned over and said whatever you say. I said well I guess youâll never know then whether I meant it or not. I slid my hand down my pants and started to play with myself, practically relaying the same story he just told me in my head. It was making me wild inside, I let out some moans and heavy breathing, he turned back over at that point and said is this really happening? I told him to touch me and find out. So he slid my shirt up and started to fondle my breasts. I kept playing with myself, rubbing my clit and sticking a finger inside myself slowly while he played with my breasts. He leaned over and kissed me, really kissed me, biting my lip in a playful manner. He put his hand down my shorts and I moved mine so he could take over. Never in this lifetime had I ever thought of him this way before this night. He sent shivers, good shivers up and down my body. My mind was racing with a million thoughts but none of them were of hesitation. When we broke away for a second of kissing I said go ahead, I know you want to make sure this is real. You can fuck ne and see if itâs better than your story. So he took his hand from my shorts and slid them down, he pulled his shorts off and was hard as can be. I started to jerk him off and told him I hope I can live up to the story he made up earlier. He said this is already better. I sat up and started to blow him, I hadnât given a blowjob in at least 3 or so years, probably longer. Iâd had sex with men I dated but never was into giving blowjobs. To me it was more of a younger phase. I have him one hell of a blowjob though I told him he better not cum because he needed to fuck me and find out whatâs better his story or the real thing. So I stopped and laid back down, he got on top of me and I guided him inside my soaking wet pussy. Immediately upon entering I was intoxicated by the fact I wasnât letting my nephew mount me. My tank top kept falling covering my breasts and he kept pushing it back up so he could lean down and kiss, suck my nipples. I eventually told him to hold on so I could take it off, I did and said lay down, I wanted to get on top. I really wanted to see his face as I rode him to be honest, he was doing a good job on top. So I got ontop and began to slowly ride him. Playing with my own breasts now he was grabbing my ass as I rocked back and forth on his dick. He was luckily drunk so he was lasting a good while. I loved seeing his face as I rode him, it was remarkable, Iâd occasionally lean down to kiss him and tell him how great he felt. I even said to him at one point that this was making love, not whatever he thought it was with his ex. I dunno what even made me say that. Not thinking about anything besides the fact that I let my nephew fuck me and now I was the one fucking him I didnât think to tell him to pull out. Before I knew it I felt him unload inside me. It was so fucked up but when I felt him shoot inside me i was on the brink or an orgasm. I had came several times while we had sex but didnât orgasm until he came inside me. I rolled off of him and collapsed with my head on his chest. I hadnât felt this fulfilled in I donât remember how long. Thank God we still had 5 more nights after this night on the cruise because after that night I wanted more. The rest of the vacation Iâd always make sure to wear my bikini or a loose flowing dress. This way when we were out and couldnât show any signs of what happened heâd know itâs for him until we could get in that cabin. After that night we would shower together and I dunno if you ever took a cruise but the shower is beyond small. So showers together were basically an annex to sex lathering each other up. Iâd usually wake him up with a morning blowjob to give him something to hold onto until we could fuck later. Heâd even returned the favor and went down on me a few times after. I think the best part was after weâd have sex at night at least we could lay there still naked, cuddling. We didnât have to hide it inside that cabin. After that cruise ended we had a few rare occasions where we had the chance to relive those glorious days and nights but it died down as he got older and I got married and have kids of my own. To this day when I think about it though I wish we could take another family cruise, but I donât know how thatâd work being I have a husband and kids now. Weâve talked about it, my nephew and I but itâs sochars now a days. Lately I find myself pleasuring myself quite often reliving the cruise and the few times after we were together. I want so desperately to feel that alive again with him. Iâm scared itâs going to jeopardize my life though if I give into these thoughts and urges. Heâs my nephew but I see him and I instantly get wet thinking about when he would be inside me. Trying to play it off like Iâm fine when inside I just want to ravish him again.

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    Damn aunt you can ;)
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    Fun story. Could have used some paragraphs to make reading easier. Could also have used a pass through editing to make sure the timeline didn't call apart under casual examination.

    Up too you identify as 48 and say the incidents happened on a cruise you took a couple of years ago, making you 45 or 46 when the story took place. Based on the fact that there wasn't a single qualm voiced about cheating on a spouse, it's easy to assume a single woman.

    So, the claim becomes that you found someone to marry while continuing to "relive the cruise nights" with your nephew and bear this new spouse multiple children all within the space of a couple of years.I

    Why are creative people so bad at math?
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    #2 actually this cruise was in the early 2000s just so you can do some better math and try to figure out my age you just assumed a couple years means 3 years or so and excuse me for the poor paragraphing and grammar I didnât realize middle aged men who mustnât get enough sex care about the propose English opposed to the actual event
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    If you meant a dozen or fifteen years, why say a couple? It would have made the story much more believable on first read.

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