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    Straight Female / 28

    I have a naturally well formed, fit physique, not a knock-out, but trim and shaved. Two of my girl friends do life modeling (nude) at a famous art school in this large city. I have been to nude beaches with them in Europe so when they urged me to join them in modeling for life class. I applied and got the job. Nudity in women, today, is fairly common.

    It's harder work than I thought because our movement is painfully restricted and also the nudity but not what you might guess. I notice both men and women students giving me salacious looks and some the men are obviously sporting boners under their pants. Again, not what you might reaction, I become horny as hell and have to excuse myself to go to the women's room too many times to wipe my soaking, dripping pussy dry. I'm going to have to quit the job.

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    Are you ever placed in a pose where those dripping pussy lips or wet thighs will be exposed to the class? If not, put a towel under you and carry on. No point in giving up a paying job over something that won't be public.
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    Do you daydream about one or more of the students pulling you from your pose and fucking you right in front of the class? Imagine the soft lips and tongues of the female students licking you clean after you've been used?
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    I dont see the problem. Catch them after the class. Fuck them.

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