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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm 18 and bi male, but am very small in height and in cock, I look like I'm several years younger, I don't even shave yet, I do have pubic hair when the man in question lets me grow it or shape it, though it isn't a very big patch. He is now 40 and has been fucking me since I was only 15. He paid me a lot of money my first BJ then my first fuck, even him giving me my first BJ. Then he paid less but I was making a good amount off him and a couple of his friends.

    As of last year he has a feed on a sex streaming site, and people pay to watch him fuck me. We normally do it 2 times a day sometimes 3. I am always dressed and made up in girls undies, long hair styled, and always get a bareback creampie that I let ooze out of me for the camera. Sometimes he will inject saline into my chest to make me have small boobs. That's when we make the most money. It takes about 3 hours spread through the day, and I get a guaranteed $100 sometimes with extra tips I get up to $ 200.

    Last week he had me get with this really fat girl who I don't think every had sex before. She had a pretty face but was only 5ft. 2in. tall -I'm only 5ft. 8in - but she weighs about 175lbs. I fucked her on camera live streaming. I shot my load outside her then pushed it into her an inch or so to shoot the rest, this allowed her to push it out. There was a little bit of blood, but I don't know if she was doing it her first time or was just starting her period or ending it, she was incredibly tight. The only other pussy I've had was a 55 year old woman my man friend had me fuck several times. The fat girl got embarrassed when I asked, and walked out of the room and went to the toilet while I recouped for round two in front of the camera. She was natural blonde with blonde pussy hair, I really liked fucking her, it was really tight and she kisses great, nice soft tits too. Two days later I fucked her ass. I still get fucked a couple times a day while dressed like a girl, sometimes with boobs and sometimes not.

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    Fact. You are a cock sucking sissy fag boy.
    Fact. This story is bullshit .
    Fact. You have had more balls on your chin than federa has had on his tennis racket.
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    Freely injected saline anywhere in the body causes harm. When breast enlargement is done the saline is in a sterile plastic pouch and it is done using surgery. Recovering from surgery like that takes many days and it is painful.

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